Hi Adam.  I run a combination of EAs from this forum and my own.  I am running Petko’s recent top 30.  I am trialling different filtering systems to see what is the most effective.  I am still on demo and have been on this site for 1 year.  I am close to going live and should be next month.  I have my own systems and they are normally a combination of what Petko teaches and some of my own idea’s.  All I can say is test, test, test…..  I have literally run 1000’s of tests over the last year……  Most have not worked but I learn small lessons along the way and keep building up my knowledge.

I am focussing on H1 at the moment as I have too many tests going on to look at other time frames but M15 will be next.  The Reactor settings I normally stick to are what Petko teaches here:  H1, 5 years of data, 1.2 PF, 500 COT’s. I run the reactor till I get 100+ strategies. (On some pairs this will take a few days…)  I keep the pairs equally balanced for each test.  So if I want to trade EUR, GBP and USD I will have EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURGBP.  Each currency appears twice so balanced…..

I am about to start some tests adding in CAD and AUD so will trade EU GU EJ GJ AC GA EC AJ UC.  Each pair appears 3 times so always balanced.  At this stage I stay away from NZD and CHF.

Then I run the chosen setup on Demo and usually run 2-3 “Live” platforms with different  filtering systems. Which usually include “let the first 2,3,4,5 trades through unfiltered” and then “start culling the low performers by either PF or $ Net balance…..”

Again, these are all just tests run in parallel so I can see what performs the best……

I am keen to look at crypto and other commodities but trying to focus on 1 thing at a time…..