FTMO has had a lot of issues lately switching to a cheaper service with their liquidity provider (LMAX)–many complaints on their Facebook page and in other forums. I have passed two demo accounts with them, but not bothered going for a paid challenge yet until I read fewer nightmare stories every week. They brutally butchered one of my own demo accounts, converting it from USD to GBP then claiming I had a $20K loss when they switched it back to USD, etc., etc. Growing pains I assume with so many new signups and trying to find cheaper rates for the amount of traffic they are now getting. I don’t think they are a scam or anything, but I’m giving them time to become a more mature service again before spending money with them on a challenge. I have two funded accounts with other prop firms in the mean time. So, not much of an update I guess, but that’s where I’m at. 😉