So this is how I would set up to trade what you do.

Minimum 3 trades.  So you can see only strats with more than 3 trades are displayed.  Then 20 days and 5 days set to 1.4PF,  My system only reads trading days so this is 4 weeks and 1 week.

As you can see these strats were only started a few days ago so not ready yet but the system will automatically capture the last 5 days and 20 days and calculate the PF etc.  Those that meet the criteria will stay displayed.

So that i send an even number of strats from each of the 4 currency pairs being traded I have also selected that only the top 3 of each currency are to be sent to live.  (See pop up box) You can see this by the green boxes next to the strats.  Again if a recently closed demo trade is better then 1 of the green strats then it will push it out of its spot and replace it……