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Hey Tai,

The way I do it, is I look at EA performance in my demo accounts using FX Blue on a weekly basis. If an EA has performed well in the last week AND month, I then transfer it to my live account.  My personal criteria is a profit factor of 1.4 and min. count of trades of 3 for both periods. It’s also important to ensure you keep a balanced portfolio, meaning a number of different assets, and if possible the same quantity of EAs for each, so you manage your risk better. I change my EAs every week on my live account. I close all positions, delete all EAs, then copy the new EAs that I have selected based on the criteria mentioned from my demo accounts to my live account and attach them to new charts. Market conditions change all the time, so EAs that have been profitable, can become unprofitable, and vice versa, so it’s important to analyse and update your EAs regularly.