The settings for each of the filters can be changed instantly.  If after the change there are strats that  don’t meet the new criteria they will be removed immediately from the live account….  And any strats that now meet the new criteria will open on the live the next time they open in demo.

I watched your course the other day and have started a few trials running that will be ready in 2 weeks.  I am thinking about the best way to automatically send the chosen strats to the live.  Either by TOP # of each pair or other ways.  Anyway all these options can be selected so that it will run on auto….

Image of pop up box to change settings instantly attached.  This is from your course that I started a few days ago.  Took a beating overnight but still looking good.

I like your concept of changing out weekly.  Is there a reason you don’t close down on Friday end of market and avoid potential gaps over the weekend instead of Monday morning…..