Hello Asser and guys,

Interesting topic here.

It is very important to have a plan. And I can not tell you, guys, what plan exactly to follow. Everyone is different, everyone sees the market with different eyes. That is not mathematics whit one solution for the problem.

Asser, in most of my courses I show from scratch to start trading with the EAs. Obviously, I do not like to do very basics staff that are available on YouTube. So I do not agree that my courses are to “continue trading” as most of our students were complete beginners. And of course, it is different for everyone – how long it will take you to start, what amount you have for trading, and so on.

I wouldn’t suggest you rush with the time because that is a factor that might drive your losses.

Anyway, your plan looks fine to me. BUT I would suggest you test it for a few months on a couple of Demo accounts.

And last, I have always refused to trade with someone else money. Many friends asked me to do it, students and traders, but I always say no… Because the pressure is bigger and you might break a good relationship.