Thank you so much for the information especially for the searching one 🙂

I am also a beginner on automated EA trading. Need more practice and figure out the system on the demo accounts.

Last week, I have selected 15-20 created EAs by me and 15-20 from Petko’s have started with 3000 $ demo account,

0.01 lot volume / per ea but really less trading per ea account because they are generally for H1.

I’ve changed my broker cause of the high spread ratio than the preferred broker at EAforexacademy. But with the new symbol settings for the broker, the amount of created EAs / per time is decreased dramatically.

My new act of plan as below in detail :

means that I am able to average 5-6 validated EAs / per day.

And as the first start (again in the demo because I am inexperienced on automated EA trading)

for the start 2 accounts ;

  • 1000 $ one for long term portfolio H1, cross pairs like EURUSD / EURGBP / GBPUSD or  EURUSD / EURJPY / GBPJPY and create each month new EA’s replace with losers. 1 demo / 1 live tracking (0.01 lot) .
  • 3000 $ one for short time – more active account M15 / M30 time frame high amount of EA’s 1 demo / 1 live tracking (0.01 lot).
  • If these are profitable maybe in future coin or gold account may I thing.

H1 EAs are easier to create with restricted criteria 40-50 validated EAs/month.

M15 – M30 EAs are harder to create with restricted criteria 20-25 validated EAs/month.

I have also notice that if you have created EA for small-time frames like M5 – M1 which are really hard to get suitable for all brokers they are really effective in getting sufficient results on forward-tests but they are much harder to create.

I have given detail to learn effectively. I have watched so many lectures of Petrov’s but sharing a live experience more effective, your one-sentence may create 1-month effect on my process at least.