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Good question!
Spread fluctuations during a trade, especially around midnight and in weekends, occupy my mind too.
Is there a way to avoid them, other than using a pessimistic round up with factor 10 of a spread value in pips?
Referring to Petko’s REPLY #37268 in this forum, he says:
“You are using complete Historical data, so the EAs that are robust should go over the weekend without issues.”
So maybe we shouldn’t get too much into details and look at the big picture in stead?
According to what I’ve learned from Ilan Vardy (Forex Trading for Beginners Course + 40 robots monthly), it doesn’t make to much difference whether we choose a commission-based broker with zero (or low) spreads or a spread-based broker with zero commissions, the outcome is roughly the same.
Looking forward to a reply as well.
Kifak Charbel 😉