Hello traders!

Finally, I am ready with the course that I was preparing for a few months:

Forex Trading with Robots + 30 Best Strategies (Every Month) 

In this trading course, I share the EAs that made the most profit with me during the previous month, and I will update the course every month with the EAs that are the most profitable for the moment.

I know that many of you are busy to test many EAs on many MetaTrader platforms. It is a lot of work, I know! So in this course, I show the most comfortable way I found to test the EAs, and it works fine for me.

As always, for all the Forum users, we have discounted the course to 49.00EUR for a few days.

What will you learn in this Forex trading course?

  • How to trade with many strategies in one trading account
  • Using Expert Advisors to eliminate the emotions in trading
  • Four different ways to test trading strategies with Expert Advisors
  • Different approaches to managing the trading accounts
  • Professional method of eliminating the losing strategies from the portfolio

See you in class!

Petko A