@richard, I have the FXBlue app (an EA added to any chart) which posts stats every 5 min 🙂

thanks for your reply. You say “In some or many of the trades, the trade may have moved into SL territory beyond the 60 pips”. However the definition of MAE itself is “Max adverse excursion”, that is, if a profitable trade (blue dots) had a excursion into SL territory, it would be shown in the chart above, ending up with a profit. But data doesn’t show that… Perhaps I have little data to compare with (just one month), but even if there are some cases beyond -60 pips it might be worthwhile, the losing trades going beyond -60 pips are many more!

You’re right, EA Studio already sets the SL to optimize gains, but perhaps it’s only a matter of optimization for a low % of cases that affects the whole model. Anyway, I’ll give it a try and let you know whether it works!! 😉