Hi there, I’m new to EA Studio, but some how I cannot log in forum, the only way I can post is reply to a post here.

Anyway, I’ve notice there are difference between backtest and live orders.

For example, I set up an account in Aug 31, there is a SELL order, which resulted in loss.

However in backtest, there was still a BUY order during this period, and resulted in win.

Is it normal, I mean if I let the EA run for a while, can it match up with the backtest result? Or is there a way to make sure live account can have same orders with backtest?





And one more thing, can you guys help me with my EA generating strategy:



Timeframe: 15m

Min orders: 300

Profit factor: 1.2

Profit: $10

OOS: 20%

Profit factor in and out of sample: 1.1


My plan is to generate as many strategies as I can, then use top 33EAs for each pairs, then replace them using FXBlue when profit factor after 5 trades is below 1.2

However, there are lots of ups and downs, for example, they can win a lot in row, or lose a lot. And GBPUSD EAs seem to open orders in the same direction quite often.


Is there a way to make my EAs more diversified, I mean there’s no point using a lot of EAs for one pair then they open the same direction?

Thank you