Thank you aaronpriest,

in dead, I posted twice, but they did not come through.

Here is my post w/o pictures:

Hi , everybody,

Finally, my adventure is coming to the end, may be not entirety, but I am getting more confident to escape with the initial investment loss only (s. here below)

See here more reviews about this scammer <https://www.fxtradingrevolution.com/markets-online-review.html#&gt;.

As of yesterday (may be since Aug 15th, because my FXBlue copier has not been refreshed since Aug 15th) their WEB site<www.markets.online.de> and all their Email addresses are closed:

My WEB platform with two accounts is also closed.

But their tel. Number in Sofia (+35924372490) still answers with “Markets . online” (yesterday – a Guy with clear German accent (Muttersprache)

So,  my 250 EUR are done.

Frankly speaking I did not expect this so soon and I was afraid to loose more money then just 250EUR.

Here is why.

After I tolled them that I am going to leave, whic means: no more investments , just withdrawal what there is at my FX Algo trade account, they tolled me that it will take 90 days to stop the robot (Algo trading-third party software, which they can not control).

Since that time, my equity and floating profit/loss started going very quick to (big)  minuses (s. screen here below).

There were still small profits coming out of the T/P parameters,  but , because there was no S/L values, the floating loss became bigger and bigger: as of today ( 135 days after I started and 50 days after they made me to send them 90 days cancellation note) Profit (closed trade = $650, which is 240% for 4,5 months???,  however Floating Loss = -$ 1550, consequently the Equity = -$900.

As I sat here earlier, at the beginning they deleted the trade with bigger losses (no S/L) , instate to book them to the trade history, so the account showed the profits only, but after my cancellation they let the negative trades stay (no S/L), so if some body decide to close this account today, there will be a remarkable negative balance.

And this is my concern: I blocked my credit card, but they know my physical address. So, are they capable and allowed to request this negative balance from me and (in worst case) to send me some “Russians”-collectors?

Please, Petko and every one, be honest and tell me every think (worse and good) what you know about such cases

Just for information, I wasn’t very passive in the mean time : I entered the account via a MQL 4-PC platform; I deleted all  the Expert advisers; I downloaded scripts “close (all) open orders” and used them;  I went to all the trades and tried to close them via menu, right click etc.; I tried to change every Order and activate S/L (stop loss); I deactivated “Auto trading “=red.

Nothing happened. No change. Every day new trades are opened and the negative trades stay there (no S/L).

So, their WEB-server-FX-Broker “markets.online” is closed but my account is not and it  is still producing negative results.

How will this and?  Can some body make me responsible for the negative balance of this fake broker account, which definitely was/is out of my control?

Thank you!

Stay healthy