Hi petko,

First of all I want to express to you that I am very happy to belong to your academy.
Points to improve: the courses have very similar content. You speak many times of the same thing in different courses, this does not seem enriching to me. There should be a chronological order in which the beginner is climbing.

**You explain the software in detail, it is like a course where they explain what each thing is for, but how do we develop the criteria to know which parameter to take and which not? Elmer has shared his configurations for M1 with us and it is a good way to start as we experiment with new things but have a parameterized base.
It would be good if you shared your settings (EA Studio settings) in all time frames. For your students to have a base to begin with.

As for the wish list.
I would like them to teach how to feed the strategy when it improves and to punish the strategy when it does not work, this is closely related to neural networks. When a neuron improves, then more investment is put into it and when it gets worse, more investment is taken away. This is to fine-tune the strategy over time.

I would also like to see real-time optimization, that is, a strategy that has been working for a week, how do you analyze it to see if it can become even better?

An idea that occurs to me for the FSB pro, is that it automatically deactivates the robots that no longer meet the acceptance criteria, but that these strategies continue to run on real data updated in real time, for when the statistics play in their favor then the robot automatically works again.

I would also like an integration of the FSB pro with something like FXblue. So we can enjoy a whole 360 ‚Äč‚Äčexperience on a single platform.