I’m using Dukascopy and I’m not seeing a 100% match with the trades in the demo and live account.

The demo account is now unlimited as they’ve set that up for me.

I had quite stringent parameters and I’m still not seeing the results correlating…..too such an extent that either the markets are completely bonkers at the moment or more likely …. there’s something not quite right here…

I’d be grateful for some assistance here as the way this is going…even trading 0.01 lots…even trading gbp/usd, eur/usd & gold….I’ve only had 1 winning day and losing days since I started last week….

I just don’t see the point in spending ages testing on demo, get comfortable and then the moment real money is used it doesn’t match and you lose money!

Casing point….I have the same EA running on demo and live….it’s got a buy trade open in the demo (in profit) and a sell trade open in the live account (typically in loss!)….how can this happen if they are supposed to be identical???

Please help!