Hey Christian,

To be honest with you this month July was very hard. Many of the traders reported to me that they did losses.

It is because the EURUSD broke the long-range and it is very bullish. This affected the EAs because they were generated over Historical data that is for the range of the EURUSD.

Now I am working on updating the EAs with more recent Historical data – no more than 50 000 bars (keeping all the acceptance criteria).

There are always such months – I am at around 10% this month, but with much more from the Cryptocurrencies system that I show in my latest course the Cryptocurrency Investment strategy.

Anyway, what you can do is just to lower the lots to 0.01 ot live or spend more time on Demo until you figure it out how exactly you want to do it.

Regarding the trades, you might want to give it longer time and not to try catching a consecutive profit because this is hard. At the same time, if you see that everything goes down, you have to pause the trading for a while because obviously the problem is from the market itself. It took an unexpected and opposite direction.

This is why we use different strategies – to catch the different market conditions, but if at one moment it goes bad for all of the EAs, it is better to stop.