Marin Stoyanov

Hello, thank you for your suggestions.

  1. We definitely plan to make the Academy available in more languages. Right now we’re preparing a Chinese version and very soon it will be live. So we’re looking for translators for other languages also but the translators should be interested in trading so we can translate the content properly and support the traders in their native language. There is certain terminology that is very specific to Forex and not everyone is suitable to do the job. If you know Polish-speaking people who are interested in Forex trading (of if you’re interested) you can point them to the Forex careers section where they can check the requirements and send us a brief resume.
  2. I assume you’re talking about the EA Studio software, as the rest of the content can be translated in the Google Chrome browser by clicking the right button of the mouse and then “Translate to THE BROWSER INTERFACE LANGUAGE“. A quick workaround I found for the software translation may be using the TransOver Chrome extension which can be configured to translate when you mark a text or double click on a word. It’s a bit time consuming to do it, so I believe this won’t be useful enough. We will think about making it possible for the software to be translated via Google Chrome build-in functionalities.
  3. Good idea. I believe Petko will like this also and we will work on this type of content. In fact, we’re currently preparing several articles about the indicators. I think you may also find useful information for the strategy generation and indicators in the EA Studio guides.

Again, thank you for the feedback. I will keep you updated once we find a proper solution for the software translation.