Hi Petko,

thanks for reponding. yes I follow the results with FXblue. I scan the last days (7-15 and 30 days) and decide which to remove and add.

I know that for any new trade you have the same probabilities of win or loss but a lot of times when selecting the most recent good performers you have for example 4,5 or 6 winning trades with no loss. So, my fear is that the moment you add it it will have a series of loosers as it’s hard to get a winning streak of more than 4-5. I don’t if I explain myself well enough.

Petko, you really select the best ones when you have so many winning trades with no losses ? I know that you are able to perform around 50% per month, can you share a few elements ? I’m not looking to reach this type of performance but I’m still loosing. Even with the top 5 prof that you don’t need to touch excepted when you send an update.

Thank you so much.