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Hi Kamil,


It sounds like your internet browser has been set to automatically open .mq4/5 files after you’ve downloaded them, rather than saving them in a folder to open or edit (copy, paste, etc.) later


Two Solutions here:

1. You need to change the browser from opening them automatically. I’m not sure which browser you are using, so I would suggest you Google: “how to stop programs opening automatically when downloaded with X”. Replace X with your browser name.

2. Even though the files are opening, they are downloading somewhere first – maybe into a temp folder or a downloads folder, depending how you’ve set up your browser and operating system. Try to locate that folder by checking your browser settings, or do a search through the search bar in Explorer if you know the name of the EA. E.g: EA Studio EURUSD H1 52223319.mq4




P.S – it usually takes one of the forum members or moderators longer than 3 minutes to respond.