Hello Rana,

I am glad to see that you found the way to upload pictures and ask questions. The Forum is actually the fastest way to talk with me.

Did you have the chance to watch the free videos from Mr. Popov:


It will give you the idea of how to use the FSB Pro, and I am working currently on the FSB course that will be uploaded soon.

1. Have a look at this video to learn how to upload the data to FSB Pro:


Also, a few days ago I have recorded videos on how to use the Forex Historical data app in FSB pro, and the videos will be live soon.

You need to have more bars when doing the backseat. At least 50 000 bars for M15.

Regarding the timezone, you need to select the time of your broker. You can see it in the market watch in the MetaTrader.

The rest looks fine, but you need to figure out the appropriate Historical data. Which broker did you select to use?