Hello Mr. Petko Aleksandrov

Thank’s for your reply,and your team’s patience,I found your answer late here.I thought that I can send you PDF file too.

1. We are living in Iran, and we don’t have forex here, how can we put data? Choose Coordinated
universal time or we have to choose the nearest zone such as Istanbul or Abu Dhabi?

2. We test it with 100$ , EURUSD ,M15 and then set new strategy properties

3. Generator, start button, and one strategy comes with 173 is that happened in period of time of
updating and beginning ?
It is important that we save strategy in Export EA. Or just we set in save strategy? Which one is

4. Here we cant save it with suffix ( XML ), is it important?
And then we set Expert EA after we heard the sound,

5. In EA meta4 we refresh, in use date we sat a time in input parameter before. Is that correct?

6. We push start button, in 100$ for back test /