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Top 10 EURUSD Expert Advisors – Forex Algorithmic Trading course

1. Open a Demo Account with a regulated broker. Which one did you choose?


2. Download the 50 Expert Advisors from lecture 14 and place them on the Demo account. Do you see trades opened?

Yes, I see.

3. Connect your MetaTrader Demo account with a statistical website to follow the results.

I did it using FX Blue.

4. Figure out a method that you will use to select the Top Expert Advisors. What is the method you would use?

I will look for the best net profits, profit factors, and minimum amounts of 3 trades for each Expert Advisor.

5. Install a second MetaTrader with another Demo account, and place there the Top EAs from the first account.

I did it.


Thank you for the assignments and all materials!!!