Hey Petko,

Thank you for your swift response.  I decided a while ago to create accounts with JFD and Dukascopy and they are in the processing stage at the moment. Once approved, I will be looking to change over.

How should I go about the testing phase? For example, I have followed all the videos, youtube content and finally a load of your courses that I purchased on, so far, I have not had much luck with pepperstone.

I have successfully generated some strategies using historical data from the pepperstone Live account and tested them on a demo account. The ones that are showing profits I have transferred to my Live account but the results are very different. (example: Demo shows 5 profitable strategies which I confirm using FX Blue, but the Live account shows losses once transferred). So in theory testing in the demo account with pepperstone is pretty much useless!

I understand that the Dukascopy data is already available which is fantastic and saves a lot of time! But I wanted to know how I can avoid this issue and how it is different with the recommended brokers.

Just wanted to check that I am following the process correctly for when I start with JFD or Dukascopy.