Forex Trading Software: Trade like a PRO

Forex Trading software is the most innovative way to participate in the market these days. It is what every Pro trader looks for when it comes to serious trading. Online Forex trading is now becoming popular, with world globalization fueling the growth and expansion of this decentralized market.

The mode of trade is majorly automated by making use of algorithmic currency trading software to make higher profits. Forex Trading software has simplified online Forex trading for you. This article gives an in-depth analysis of how you can profit on the market in a smart way. It analyses its benefits and the skills the trader acquires.

Forex Academy offers Forex trading software. The program is an online application called EA (Expert Advisor) Studio.

It allows the traders to automate their trade strategies without necessarily monitoring the market trend from the desktop, which is tedious and time-consuming. The trader is not required to have any previous experience in trading nor any programming skills to be able to utilize this fantastic software.

Advantages of Using Software in Forex Trading

The first and mos important is that the traders have the freedom to create many Robots without programming skills. No trading experience is needed as well. There is a generator. We will tell you just about it just a little bit later in that article.

Buying Robots from the market is expensive and usually traders end up loosing. This because the people are just selling Robots. They don’t have the purpose to make you profitable.

The significant advantage of using trading software is that it eliminates psychological influences that may cloud the judgment of the trader.

Forex trading software
No more emotions!

These emotions may create unreasonable and unreliable expectations, which, when shattered, affect the clarity of the trader. It analyses data from previous trades and the best strategies without any bias, hence lending an objective hand in avoiding emotions.

Forex software trading is also very flexible. The expert advisors run on any market using the Meta Trader, accumulating massive information on prices, and indicators. It then builds an algorithm that tracks and monitors many different markets. It is a smart software that executes trades almost instantly when an opportunity arises.

Automated Forex trading course equips the trader with substantial knowledge about strategies, market trends, analysis of statistics by expert advisors, and how to manage live accounts when trading. This information is undoubtedly vital if you want to receive stable profits from online Forex trading. This, in turn, boosts the confidence of the trader.

EA Studio is a Forex software that can create, test, and apply multiple strategies and expert robots in a single account to achieve stable performance.

It can also manage many accounts at the same time as opposed to manual Forex trading. This currency trading software for Forex minimizes loss by diversifying the risk since many strategies and Expert Advisors are used in one account.

Advantages of using EA Studio

There are many perks of using EA Studio as your Forex trading software. This is just but an inexhaustible list:

  1. Expert Advisor Studio has the ability to back-test strategies against real data and historical statistics. This software analyzes previous trades and market trends and makes the most appropriate prediction for the trader.EA Studio executes sophisticated trading strategies to make decisions and instantaneously act on them. It monitors the market trend, and when the parameters set have been met, it notifies the trader. It also helps to iron out any issues and loopholes that may induce loss to the trader.
  2.  Expert Advisor Studio helps to create and analyze expert robots without programming. These expert robots are programs that run on the Meta Trader to monitor and trade the online Forex market using algorithms. They find opportunities according to the parameters set by the trader, then notify or automatically open the position.

No IT skills are a prerequisite to learning how the Forex trading software operates since it is smart enough to do the coding.

No Coding anymore!

The trader may be a beginner who wants to learn about trading Forex or as well as an advanced who wishes to specialize in a software that will improve the trading performance.

  1. EA Studio is the fastest and, consequently, the most reliable software application as a Forex program. The software is automated and analyzes enormous chunks of information and historical data to create the most favorable strategy. This Forex trading software is web-based and is relatively faster than the manual system. Moreover, it is an unbiased system whose clarity is not affected by human emotions.
  2. The trader is also allowed a 15-day free trial. This is to test the functionality and, eventually, the credibility of the software.

Forex trading software also increases the speed of execution of the trade and may increase the profits.

This Forex software creates Robots that scan for open markets with profitable currency trades, using the set parameters. When an open market arises, the Expert Advisors created by the software trade in it instantly. The trader simply sits back and lets the EAs do all the smart trading.

Expert Advisor Studio is also a top-quality Forex trading software that has been tested, with an experience of 15 years. Petko, the head trader, had been trading professionally before settling on automated trading as the highly profitable method after extensive experiences with other strategies such as scalping.

EA Studio is a Forex software suitable for beginners. If you want to tap into this high-potential and extremely liquid market, this is the software you need.

It helps the trader to generate thousands of expert robots that analyze the market trends. It also creates varied strategies that can be applied in the same account. As mentioned above, it requires no background knowledge in Forex trading and even programming skills.

What traders learn when using Forex software

Petko, the head trader at Forex Academy, offers the EA Studio software course for free.

All you need is the zeal to gain more information about trading software for Forex.

The trader will learn the following crafts:

  • How to prepare the trading environment before starting to use the EA Studio strategy builder
  • exporting expert advisors with one click from Meta Trader 4 to Meta Trader 5, which is not availed in other free online training courses
  • how to monitor the results of the expert advisors and identify the appropriate ones for real trading
  • the proper way of placing the expert advisor on the Meta Trader platform
  • how to extract historical data and use it to generate strategies
  • generate strategies using the acceptance criteria which allows you to trade the top strategies
  • how to automate the manual trading strategy as an expert advisor

The academy also includes free expert advisors, which are updated every month. The traders also receive a life-time update of the expert advisors provided by Petko. It is vital to keep the expert advisors aligned with the current market trends.

This is a bonus not available on other Forex trading courses.

He also gives detailed and easy to follow steps in the learning videos, which is not an ordinary fete in many Forex online courses.

Knowledge of these skills is critical to the trader. Above all, it boosts the confidence of the trader in the investment made and aids in managing the risk.

The trader learns how to diversify the risk using multiple expert advisors and various strategies in one account. It also increases the profitable gains while cutting down on the losses.

The logic behind online Forex trading is simple, ‘every strategy has both profitable and losing phases.’ Petko teaches how to trade the strategies when they are profiting.

He demonstrates how to collect all generated strategies and then filter the best while they are in the profitable phase. This way, the trader knows which currencies and high selling so he/ she can pair them for more profitable gains.

Components of the EA Studio Forex Software

The EA Studio Forex trading software has the following key components:

  • The Generator– it generates and tests numerous strategies in minutes. It backdates historical data, charts, and statistics and helps to create the most favorable ones for the trade. The generated strategy can be exported as an expert advisor. The expert advisors generated can be used for a lifetime and are not limited to a single broker.
forex strategy generator
The Generator in EA Studio
  • The Editor-it creates and edits strategies by setting indicators and parameters. When you edit the strategy, EA studio calculates the back-test based on previous statistical data and shows the most favorable stats and indicator curves.
Forex Trading Software
The Editor in EA Studio
  • The Report-when the strategy is in the editor; the report shows extensive information about the back-test results in a full statistical chart from the historical test.
  • One-click Expert Advisor- it allows the trader to export selected strategies as Expert Advisors from Meta Trader 4 to Meta Trader 5. EA Studio also creates a code that will smoothly work on the Meta trader.
quick forex analysis
Backtest output in EA Studio


EA Studio as Forex trading software is highly recommended. It works faster since it is internet-based and therefore is very reliable. It also works with Meta Trader indicators, which analyze and identify market trends, then provides favorable predictions of price movements.

Furthermore, EA Studio incorporates various expert robots that have been generated. You also get many strategies in one account, thus increasing the trading volume.

This Forex software targets both the advanced and beginner trader. It has proven to be a vital Forex software by traders who are looking to increase the range of their profits.

If you have no experience in online Forex trading as well as programming skills, you need not worry. EA Studio currency trading software is smart enough to code everything for you.

Your journey to sufficient and rewarding trading begins here. Try EA Studio Forex trading software.

Try EA Studio.