Forex Strategy Builder and EA Studio in Forex strategy course

We are glad to say that we launched  our new course Forex strategy course. The main idea behind this course is that we create hundreds of strategies using Forex Strategy Builder and EA Studio and we trade them simultaneously.

We go through 3 main steps:

  1. We test the created strategies on small live accounts with the minimum lot allowed of 0.01. We have few different systems to follow as testing periods of time and they are well described in the course.
  2. When a strategy fails, we simply remove it and replace it with one that we have already created. And this is very normal. That is the power of Forex Strategy Builder and EA Studio because we do not have limits creating strategies. This way we are testing it for over optimization 3th time after Monte Carlo and Multi Markets test.
  3. The 3th step is to place the good performing strategies on bigger live account
  • That is not an easy job at all. People should not think that when they buy any strategy builder such as Forex Strategy Builder and EA Studio, this software will do all the job for them. Its a lot of work after that as well. That is the reason we created the Forex Strategy course to help the traders with the whole process.


  • In the course we describe how to collect historical data, how to use it and what is the appropriate period of history bars to work on. Also you will see how we manage to follow 100s of strategies and to make correct analysis. Also you will learn how long time you need to test a strategy in order to consider it as stable for trading.


  • We show as well how we use the Reactor – the new feature in EA Studio that saves us a lot of time. In Forex Strategy Builder you will see how we use higher time frames as filters. This is essentially important when you are following the major trend. The course is being updated at all times.

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