Forex Robot free download in 2020

How to Download a Forex Robot for Free?

Looking for a Forex robot free download with no strings attached?

How about a complete trading software that can give you everything you need to trade successfully, including support for free trading robots, backtesting strategies and more?

Forex trading doesn’t have to be difficult. More importantly, you should have all the tools and knowledge you need to make informed decisions and to have your actions automated by a robot that has all the features you want.

Forex robots today come in all shapes and sizes, but as you go through them you may find that they’re not a good fit for you or the strategy you want to implement.

In this case, you may be better off creating a robot that has all the rules you want, or something that’s been created by a like-minded trader.

What is a Forex Robot?

forex robot free download for trading

A Forex robot can help you with some of the tasks associated with Forex trading. It’s a tool trader use if they want to buy or sell a certain asset and within a set time frame, for example.

Think of a Forex robot as a digital assistant you can rely on.

When you’re away from the computer, sleeping or on vacation you can let the trading software run by itself and it will complete actions on your behalf.

That way you won’t miss out on certain events as compared to manual trading alone.

Not all Forex trading software is the same, though. You will need to do your research before buying one because chances are that it will have a different ruleset than what you’re used to.

As there are dozens or even hundreds of parameters, it may take some time for you to find the best Forex robot free download.

And if you don’t have the right software to use, you won’t ever find them.

The good thing about technology is that everything is made easier and more accessible, and it’s the same with Forex robots.

You won’t need programming skills or coding knowledge to trade Forex autopilot. You won’t need to rely on other people to make the perfect trading app that you want.

Also, you can simply make your own, with a specific set of rules without having to spend hundreds or thousands on it.

Can You Create a Free Forex Robot?

The short answer is yes, you can create a Forex robot completely free using a Forex strategy builder called EA Studio.

It’s an all-in-one trader’s platform that empowers beginner traders and seasoned veterans alike.

There’s a lot you can do when you get EA Studio to help you in your trading journey. Even better is the fact that you can try it out 100% free for 15 days.

The robot you create can help like-minded traders make more money on Forex. You can sell it or begin trading with it and not have to worry about spending too much on overpriced Forex apps out there on the web.

It’s perfectly okay to try EA Studio for 15 days and download all the Forex trading robots you need for your cause. There are no strings attached and you’re not forced into anything.

If you like the experience you can get a license and continue using world-class Forex trading software that’s used by thousands of people around the world.

How To Create Your Own Forex Robot for Free?

EA Studio is the one you want when you’re looking for a Forex robot free download.

It’s a comprehensive Forex strategy builder unlike any other. For one, you’re not tied to a single strategy that the experts ‘recommend’, or restricted to buying a Forex robot you won’t use.

You can come up with your own depending on your style of trading.

Better yet, EA Studios allow traders to test out their theories and future strategies in a safe environment. Backtesting is allowed, even encouraged in order to keep things fresh.

You’ll feel a genuine sense of fulfillment knowing that a plan you came up with worked and is bound to do the same in real life.

Moreover, there’s a free course on how to use EA Studio and a 15-day free trial so you can try it out risk-free.

Doing this increases your trading knowledge and prepares you for the exciting world of Forex.

Forex beginners, take note – you can learn the ropes and get a Forex robot free download at the same time. After the course you’ll learn everything there is to know about EA Studio and can move with confidence in making your own robot trader.

Also, during the 15-day trial you can download as many free Forex robots that you want. Install them on the MetaTrader platform, try out their functionalities and test them in real-world settings.

You’ll be bound to find one that works according to your strategy.

In those days you’ll mostly have an idea of the kind of Forex robot you want for your own. If this is the case then you can create a free Forex robot by feeding the program with your rules and export it to working software.

Is the 15 days not enough to get the best Forex trading automation software for your particular needs? You can get a license for a low cost and continue enjoying the features and benefits EA studio provides.

Forex trading can be difficult and has a high learning curve. Beginners will have a shortcut to getting what they need quickly and most of all, a working Forex robot that can complete trades on their behalf.

Therefore, it makes sense to enroll in the EA Studio’s free trial so you can save time and money. More importantly, you can get a free robot trader in the process.

A free Forex robot download can guarantee the following benefits:


They say that the best things in life are free, and that’s true for Forex software. Nothing beats free especially if it’s one that can make you money to live comfortably.

EA Studio is free to use for 15 days. During that time, you can explore the platform and see what it’s all about. Once you have a basic grasp you can then head to the Forex robots section and check out what’s available.

You can get a Forex robot free download if you make or download one within the 15-day limit. If there’s a certain strategy you use, then you can put in the rules and export it for free.

Otherwise, you can download as many robots as you want and choose from the one that suits you best.

Also, you can continue trading with the trading Robots when your trial account expires.

Don’t Pay For What You Won’t Need

Why waste money on trading software you won’t need after a few days or a week? That money can be spent on other things, such as acquiring more assets, investments and the like.

Forex trading apps aren’t cheap, and everyone wants to make a quick buck. The best Forex robot isn’t one that’s made by others, because chances are that they’d put in all the things they want which won’t help your cause.

More, they were created for other brokers, and not for the one you use. Something essential that many EA buyers don’t understand.

Making money is the top goal in Forex trading, and saving money wherever you can is key to trading successfully. When you eliminate the tools you won’t use then that’s money you can use somewhere else.


A Forex robot is like your very own trading assistant that can make sound decisions and act on your behalf.

This means you won’t have to be tied to your desk for two, five or eight hours, constantly checking on the market to see if there’s anything worth trading.

That said, a Forex bot adds to your convenience because it frees up your time spent trading for the more important matters. At the start of the day, you can boot it up and leave it running throughout.

The trading robot will pick up on market trends and actions and depending on its ruleset, buy, sell or do nothing. All you need is a computer, a stable internet connection, and EA Studio.


Automation makes work easier. A Forex trader’s success mainly lies in making the right decisions day in and day out. Having software that’s grounded in rules can be more reliable than traders themselves because of one factor- emotion.

Automation takes guessing out of the picture because its movement is based on the parameters you set. This means that when you tell it to buy stocks when a certain asset reaches X amount or to sell when it drops down to X numbers.


You won’t have anything to lose by trying out the 15 day free trial offer on EA Studio. Head on to the site and make sure to brush up on the free course before exploring the ins and outs of the Forex trading software.

Within the free trial period, you can download free robots and try them for as long as you like. Afterward, you will need a license to continue but the benefits far outweigh the price.

Remember, a Forex robot free download guarantees perks such as convenience and automated trading done for you. This means you can make money even when you’re not actively trading as long as the Forex bot is running.

Try it now and see for yourself!