Forex changed my life: Travel While the EAs Trade

Forex changed my life, but I don’t trade more, I travel

Hello, everyone, it’s Petko Aleksandrov, and today I will tell you briefly how great I feel with the EA Forex Academy and how Forex changed my life, and how useful it turned out to be to change my trading from manual to algorithmic.

Today, I am in Sozopol, one of the most beautiful places on the seaside in Bulgaria.

fore changed my life to travel

It’s early in the morning. I had great swimming in that pool behind me:

forex trading academy pool

The seaside is very near, which I will go to a later on today and I will record some videos from there. And recently, I do travel a lot.

Probably, you’ve noticed that before I was launching a new course, every new month, but now I upload a new course in a couple of months. Having the courses I met thousands of students and this way Forex changed my life in a great direction.

We update the courses and we will improve the EAs that are attached

First, this is because I update the old courses and the second is because I travel a lot. And exactly trading with Expert Advisors allows me to travel a lot because I don’t need to stay in front of the charts. I don’t need to follow the markets, the Expert Advisors, they are trading at home, in the office.

And that is the difference when I do manual trading. I don’t need to be in front of the screen all the time. I don’t need to follow the markets, to do price action, and be engaged in staying in front of the monitor.

forex changed my life
trading monitors

With algorithmic trading. I travel, I do different things. I work on different projects, and I can afford to have free time to do whatever I want. And that’s the considerable difference between algorithmic trading and manual trading, and especially with EA Studio and FSB Pro,

EAs and the Forex changed my life because now I have the freedom to create so many Expert Advisors and to be able to manage them from distance like what I’m doing now, I just access them via the VPS from my computer, and things happen much more comfortably.

And probably, many of you would ask me why I keep recording videos, why I’m in a great swimming pool, there is the beach out there, and I am still recording videos and writing blog posts?

When Forex changed my life I realized I need Algo Trading when trading Manually

Well, it all started many years ago before even the Academy.
The first time I started shooting videos was because I was doing manual trading and I had one very successful month. In one of the broker’s account, I did 200% of a profit in my real account. They even wrote an article about me. You can use google translate to read it because it is in Bulgarian.

In the next month, I was pretty satisfied with the results, and I didn’t trade a lot. And I had like 6 or 7, 6 or 7% for the month. And I realized at that moment that when I was doing manual trading, I was almost working on a full-time job.

If I was trading, I was making a profit, but if I was not trading, I was not making a profit.

And I felt like I was working for someone even I wasn’t. But it’s like I was working from 9:00 to 20:00 in the evening. And if I am not there in front of the computer, I will not have the profits at the end of the month. At this moment Forex changed my life but now what I wanted.

And I felt like I’m working a full-time job, something I wanted to avoid
years back. And I wanted to have some additional income from something.

The only thing I knew was trading.

And I wanted something to compensate for the time when I’m not in front of the computer. So I started recording videos, and it turned out that people like them on social media, on YouTube.

And I grouped them into courses. So this is how all it started. And when I’m doing one on one education with many traders, they often ask me, why are you doing the courses, the Trading Academy, since you are doing good trading?

And that’s the reason. This is how I started. When I’m having the Forex Academy, the courses and when we are selling the software, basically this way I got additional income, which is not related
actually to my trading.

And this is how I afford it, to have my team, to pay the people from the team that I already have in the last 2-3 years. And without them, I wouldn’t be able to do that.

The Academy has improved the quality of videos

And I can assure you actually, that everything we got from the Academy, like the courses, the software, the packages,
just everything that we sell, all the income, every single dollar, I invested back in the Trading Academy:

  • better videos
  • professional cameras
  • microphone for outside videos
  • better editing and quality

And this is like costs for me, which I don’t want to give from my trading. I want to have an income that I invest back in the Academy. And it’s worked excellent for me because my trading is my trading. My team’s trading is their trading, and at the same time, we succeed to teach thousands of people how to trade.

We work on the Academy every day, and we are growing at, and we build it like really, really quick for the last 2-3 years. We have over 22 000 students by the moment – July 2020 and this way the Forex changed my life in a fantastic way.

And it’s a great feeling. And this is why I keep recording videos. Even now, when I’m outside and when I’m traveling, I want to share my knowledge with others.

And it all started like one by one. I was recording videos. Then it turned out that we need to have a video editor. It turned out that we need to have someone to do the captions for the trading courses. Then it turned out that we need to have people to translate the videos and so on.

The team works hard to give the ebst education to the traders

So it was like one by one, one by one. And so we have built the Forex Academy.

forex academy team

But again, I go back to the point it, because we trade with Expert Advisors.
I have so much free time. And this is like really cool with the Expert Advisors that I can travel!

And of course, it took me some time to come to this point, but this was my goal from the beginning. I can say that I have achieved that one.
And it’s incredible to be doing something else while you are trading.

So I will keep recording videos and writing articles from different places that I visit. And I have a lot of ideas about the videos and topics that I want to cover.

But if you have something in mind, something that I didn’t succeed to cover in my courses, if you just want me to talk about trading in general or to explain anything you want to know, please let me know in the comment below.

I will talk about it if I decide that it will be useful for many people.
Thank you for reading.