Ethereum Course with 99 EAs: 10 FAQ

Ethereum course with Expert Advisors is really what the crypto trader want. So we gave it to them!

Ethereum course is launched and I will answer your questions today! Hello, dear traders, and welcome to the 10 most frequently asked questions for the Ethereum course in 2019 + 99 robots every month. I will answer the 10 questions that I receive the most and I hope I will give answers to other questions that you might have for this course.

1.Should I turn off my computer when the Expert Advisors  from the Ethereum course are trading or not?”

Now if you, guys, turn off your computer while you are trading with Expert Advisors, this will disconnect your Meta Trader from the server of your broker which basically will disable the Expert Advisors. So you should not really turn off your computer. Now the Expert Advisors have Stop Loss and Take Profit, which will execute when you turn off your computer.

No new trades will open and if you have exit conditions with Expert Advisors, they will not be active. So basically you will just depend on the Stop Loss and Take Profit. So one of the solutions is to leave your computer, your laptop 24 hours opened.

The other solution is to look for VPS service. This is a little bit of a cost which probably you don’t want to give in the beginning when you start trading. So the better choice, especially for beginner traders, is to leave their computers opened and connected to the Internet and to the server of the broker.

2. “The generator cannot find my strategies for Ethereum trading?”

The reason for that is that you have made the generator, the Acceptance criteria in the generator too strict.  So probably you have entered too many Count of trades. Or you have entered a very small range for Stop Loss and Take Profit or huge Profit factor like 1.5 or anything that just limits the generator. Try to give it a wide range, not too strict.

So you better have more strategies into the collection as I show in the Ethereum course. Then, you will filter them through the collection and you will see the best Expert Advisors. What I mean is you better have more strategies into the collection when you’re generating. Don’t make it too strict and have no strategies at the end of the generator process.

3. “How do I change the lot size in the order?”

You can change the lot size from the moment when you drop the Expert Advisor over the chart and inputs the first row that you will see on the top. It says a trading lot and from there you can choose whatever Ethereum trading lot you want to trade:

Ethereum course
Inputs for the parameters

Now if you are trading with the 99 Expert Advisors from the Ethereum course, make sure to trade a really small lot in the beginning. If you place a huge lot and especially with 99 Expert Advisors, you will need to have a huge account. Of course, you can do it on a Demo account. But on a live account be very careful trading with huge lots especially with many Expert Advisors in one account.

How can I change the lot for my Expert Advisor?

  • right click over the trading chart
  • Expert properties – properties
  • on the first raw you will see Entry lot
  • enter the new lot in Value column

4. “Can I place the 10 best Expert Advisors and use them for 1 year?”

Well, this really depends on the market but I don’t really think that 10 Expert Advisors will stay profitable for one year.

The market changes.

Now we are at the beginning of 2020, at the beginning of 2018 it was totally different.

The cryptocurrency market was crazy and the Ethereum trading was adventure. The price was going up and then it fell like a stone. So we never know what happens especially with the cryptocurrencies. That’s why the idea is to test every month different Expert Advisors and to select those of them who are profiting at the current market.

That is why I update the Ethereum course with new 99 Expert Advisors every month.  Now if you find a strategy that is profitable for many months that is great, don’t move it.  Don’t remove it from the live account because obviously if it makes profits that’s great.

You don’t need to change it with another one, you can add another one but don’t remove the ones that are profitable.

5.  “Are there special hardware requirements?”

Not really, you don’t need to have a very powerful computer for Ethereum trading with 99 Expert Advisors.

A random computer with standard parameters for nowadays, I can say, will work just fine. Of course, if you place a couple of Meta Traders like 2, 3, 4 it will make it slower for sure, but the execution of the orders does not really affect from that. It’s more from your server of the broker, from your broker basically.

And just keep it simple, don’t place too many Meta Traders, just one you want to test the Expert Advisors. Another one with another Demo account where you will be placing the best Expert Advisors until you are satisfied and then one of the Meta Trader accounts you can make it as a live account so there you will be actually trading with live money. But, of course, first, always test on a Demo.

6. “Should I replace the 99 Expert Advisors with new ones that come every month with the Ethereum course?”

Well, I almost answered this question with the previous one by saying to keep it simple. So first what you can do is you can replace the 99 Expert Advisors every month when you receive them as an update to the course.

Second, what you can do is you can have two accounts where you will have the Expert Advisors from the previous month and from the current month and you will have the best Expert Advisors from this 198 or you can have another Meta Trader with the older 99 Expert Advisors and you will have a huge portfolio from which you can choose. But one more time keep it as simple as possible. That is why I am providing you with new Expert Advisors every month, so you really don’t need to struggle too much with the old Expert Advisors.

If you find Expert Advisors from the old ones that are profitable currently this is just great. Keep them trading but just replace with the new Expert Advisors I am providing you with, it will be much easier and simpler for you.

7. “I have different results in the Demo and in the live account, why is that?”

Most of the time the reason is with your broker.

Not all of the brokers are really, I can say, honest with their demo trading and live trading. They have different spreads which actually changes  the historical data, changes the candles:

meta trader platform
Trading with 99 EAs on one account

If the candles are different even with a few points, that will form different Historical data. And sometimes you might see a difference from your Demo and Live account.

And sometimes the traders do not see the same results on the Demo and with the live account. This is why when I do Ethereum trading with a new broker the first thing I do is to test the broker. If it will show me the same results with Demo and live. Just some Expert Advisors I drop on the live account with 0.01. I wait for a couple of trades to be open and I compare the Demo and the live account.

This is one of the signs that you can check your broker if it’s really legit if it is really honest and if you can actually depend on this broker. Now it’s not about the Expert Advisors, really doesn’t matter for the Expert Advisors if they are trading on a Demo account or on the live account. Wherever you place them they will trade, it depends more on your broker.

8. “If I buy a more powerful computer, will it improve the generator of experts or not?”

Now Expert Advisor Studio is so quick, basically, you don’t need to make it faster. You can have a better computer obviously, I always encourage traders to invest in their machines because in the long term it pays back.

But you can start with your computer, whatever you have it will still work fast especially if you have the EA Studio on a separate browser, no other browsers together it will work fast. Now if you open a couple of browsers with generating, at the same time, probably it will make it slower. So you will find where works the best with your computer, with the time when you start earning you can, of course, invest in more powerful trading machines.

9. “Can I install Meta Trader from another broker and use 2 Demo accounts from one broker?”

Yes absolutely you can do that basically if you choose one broker and you want to have two Demo accounts; one to test the Expert Advisors, the other one to simulate live trading…you can download Meta Trader from another broker but register a second Demo account with the first broker and then just login to the other broker. It will work fine. Simply the Meta Trader, this is the platform and you can connect it to any broker’s server.

10. “Can we do Ethereum trading with  Expert Advisors  from this Ethereum course on M1 chart to have more orders?”

Yes, you can trade the Expert Advisors on M1 chart but I really don’t suggest you do that because the Expert Advisors for this course are for different time frames. OK? So it’s a common mistake among the traders that trade one Expert Advisor on different time frames and especially on different cryptocurrencies or Forex currency pairs.

Now each Expert Advisor that we create is created over the historical data of 1 asset on 1 time frame. OK? This is why you should stick to it. If you want to trade on M1, you should generate new strategies using Expert Advisors Studio for M1 over the historical data of M1, this is the proper and the right way.

If you have other questions about the Ethereum course,  don’t hesitate to ask me, I will always answer you. Drop your question in our forum.

See you inside the class!