EA MT4 Builder: FSB Pro

EA MT4 Builder is the professional way to trade

The big question when it comes to choosing an EA MT4 Builder is if we can use our knowledge in manual trading or we need to start all over again?

This depends from two things:

How much experience and knowledge we have in Forex already and what kind of an EA MT4 Builder do we choose.

The best thing you can do is to use a professional Forex algo software as FSB Pro that will allow you to depend on the strategies it generates and to have reliable exported Expert Advisers:

Now, if you have good experience already in trading you would make much better results. Simply using FSB Pro you will be able to automated your strategies.  A lot of the traders in the beginning realize that the parameters they were using so far are not the right once.

When you insert the entry and the exit conditions in the EA MT4 Builder – FSB Pro, you will see most probably not the results you were expecting. But when you optimize it you will see the results that will bring back the smile on your face.

Very Simple – the popular parameters for the Indicators as MACD(12:26:9), RSI (14) etc, are created by the brokers and they are normally too slow to execute the trade on time or to take your profit at the good moment. Good an Expert Advisor Builder as FSB Pro will show you what parameters you need for a sharper execution.

ea mt4 builder FSB Pro

The other way you can implement your knowledge is to use the Expert Advisor Builder to export EAs and to choose only one direction to open trades – long or short and to identify the bigger trend based on your knowledge. That works but you need to keep in mind to optimize the strategies you are using for that.

If you have one strategy – optimize it for the Long side and optimize it for the Short side. When you identify that the trend is going up just put the optimized version for long and vice versa.

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