Currency trading courses: Learn the best Forex Strategies

Currency trading courses – the difference between the algorithmic courses in EA Forex Academy.

Currency trading courses and their difference is the thing I would like to talk about in this video because many students and traders are writing us e-mails and asking what the difference between each course is. How one is more useful than the other one, and which courses will be more helpful.

To make it clear all the courses are very different and in each class there is a different trading system with a lot of information and examples. It depends on what Currency trading courses you’re looking for.

Now, if I start with the algorithmic Currency trading courses, you will see that currently we have five classes, and the sixth one is coming up this month.

The top 5 forex strategies

I have shown manually how to trade 5 Forex strategies into one trading account. Here I have combined five different strategies over five different currencies trading on three different time frames.

This way, we achieve better risk diversification, and we can make better results because if any of the strategies start to lose, the other ones will compensate for it. The other thing is that in this course, I have shown the strategies trading manually and at the same time, trading with expert advisors if you want to go for algorithmic trading.

forex trading courses
Five expert advisors included

How to build hundreds of Forex strategies

This is a complete guide for algorithmic trading. Here we have focused more on the process itself, how we generate the strategies, how we actually create portfolios of different trading strategies, and test them on a demo account. After that, we select the best performers, and we place them on a separate trading account. 

Here I have included a lot of information about historical data, how important it is, and how you need to avoid the over-optimization. As with my other Currency trading courses, I have included 12 Expert Advisors as practical activity, and I have shown the whole process if you want to generate and create your strategies.

trading portfolio
12 Expert Advisors included

The top 10 EURUSD and the Top 10 GBPUSD Expert Advisors

This Forex trading courses are focusing on the one currency- the EURUSD, and the other one is for the GBPUSD. In each class I have included Expert Advisors that were tested for their robustness, and these strategies showed pretty good results. The idea is that we have attached the expert advisors in the courses, and you need to follow a couple of steps to trade the best Expert Advisors:

  1. place the Expert Advisors on a demo account
  2. connect your Meta Trader with external website where you can follow the performance of each Expert Advisor
  3. separate the best Expert Advisors for the current moment on another account
  4. manage these two accounts, the one where you are testing the strategies, and the second one where you are always placing the expert advisors that are currently making profit on the current market conditions. This way, you will always be trading the strategies that are presently making a profit according to the current market conditions.
Forex trading courses on EURUSD
10 Expert Advisors included

London New York and Tokyo algorithmic trading

In this course, we have succeeded in creating an exciting trading system where we trade different currencies over the various trading sessions. We have two currencies trading for the London Stock Exchange, two currencies trading over the New York Stock Exchange, and two currencies trading over the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

And they are trading only within these hours, and if the trades are not closed until the moment the last bell rings, the expert advisors are closing the deals automatically. This way, we catch the volatility on each Stock Exchange, and we achieve excellent results by taking quick profits and trade only over the volatility in each Stock Exchange.

stock trading exchanges
Algorithmic trading within the stock markets.

The algorithmic course that I’m currently doing will be focused on 99 expert advisors

Massive diversification between 99 expert advisors and I will include these 99 expert advisors into the course. I have created 33 strategies for three currencies, and in this Currency trading course, I will show how to trade 99 expert advisors into the same trading account. And you will learn how to filter the strategies and how to select the best ones, OK?

forex trading courses on Expert Advisors
99 Expert Advisors included

These are our algorithmic Forex trading courses in the Academy, and these are the differences between each of them, so it depends on what kind of Forex trading courses you’re looking at, and what kind of trading you want to do.

This depends a lot on your free time, how much time you can afford to spend in front of the computer, but the whole idea in automated trading is that the trader doesn’t need time to spend in front of the screen to monitor the markets but to use the expert advisors.

Of course, there is some work be done, and it’s not the thing where you will place just one expert advisor to trade, and it will make you continuously profit. I explained this more in one of my other articles, Expert Advisor – the reality, where you can read precisely what an expert advisor is. OK, guys?

These are our Currency trading courses for the moment.

Let us know if you have any questions at our support FORUM.