Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking: 160% Profit In My Account

Cryptocurrecy Portfolio Tracking the Smart Way

Hello, everyone, I continue on the 11th of November 2020 with an example of cryptocurrency portfolio tracking from my account. Below you can see what is my current setup after the last video where I showed you 3 entries.

Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking entries
The 3 entries

And then what I had are another 3 entries.

Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking other entries
The other 3 entries

Now we’ll see if the price will push through the 16 000 so it did a push by the byers failed and then the price pulled back.

Following The Aggressive Counter Trendlines

And this gave me the opportunity to draw these more aggressive Counter Trendlines that we had and every time I had my set up to buy. So if I zoom out, you will see below where the Bitcoin is after that impulsive move. And I consider that as a bullish formation. It’s a kind of a flag. Here are the poll and the flag.

the poil and the flag
The poll and the flag

And that’s usually considered to be a continuation pattern.

If the market is bullish and we have such a flag, the expectation is that the price will go higher. And as I’ve mentioned, I guess in the previous video or on some of my videos that I recorded recently because I did a lot of videos about Bitcoin, I did some live videos for Facebook, YouTube, and I think I mentioned in the previous video that what we noticed in October, November 2020 is that actually more money flow into Bitcoin and not so much into the other Cryptocurrencies because of the US elections one and because of the second wave of the coronavirus lockdown.

My Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking

The markets were quite unstable. The investors looked for more secured assets. I said that for the Forex market, this is the YEN currency and for the Cryptocurrencies, this is obviously the Bitcoin. So a lot of movement on the Bitcoin and not so much on the other Cryptos. But still, there’s gave me a good opportunity to buy some cheap Cryptocurrencies and with the last video, I shared with you that I have bought the DNT.

What I bought as well was the Civic, it did another great move. And if I open my sheet, you will see that I have sold those with 150% profit for the DNT and for the Civic I took 92% of a profit.

my sales sheet
My sales sheet

And I just marked them with the strikethrough above them because they are not anymore in my cryptocurrency portfolio tracking. So what happened? I bought one more time the DNT at 0.068.

And then I bought the Civic at 0.967. Where have I sold it? I’ve sold the Civic at 0.19 and I have sold DNT at 0.114 that brought me a pure profit of 1781.95 for the DNT and for the Civic profit of 553 EUR. And by these profits, I achieved 160% profit for the whole portfolio that I have for the whole account. So let me tell you how exactly I have bought these and where I sold them, why I sold them, and why I didn’t keep them.

As I have mentioned in the previous video, I might keep them longer, but I will show you what I noticed and how I decided to approach it through that. So here is my cryptocurrency portfolio tracking at the moment.

my Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking
My portfolio

You can see these profits over because of the DNT and the Civic.

And then there is this drop. But this is because I have sent my Chainlink to a wallet. I did not want to keep it all in the Coinbase account.

So this is why there is this drop. So imagine this is the cryptocurrency portfolio tracking. Let me just go to weekly, then we have the portfolio. From this moment is just sideways after I have sold the Civic and I have sold the DNT. So let me go through these assets very quickly and I will show you why I sold them. You saw why I bought them.

I wish to buy at a cheaper price

I noticed them in the top gainers and why did I sell them? Let’s go to the DNT. Actually, I sold it at almost the best possible price. Here it is. So you see, this was the first push.


I bought it somewhere here in the cheap one time. Then another time that it pulled back a bit and then it pushed again after I sold this failure right over here of the high.

You can notice how the price went here

It makes a series of higher highs and higher lows. It’s an uptrend. What happens here? Downtrend on the monthly chart. It’s very visual. It’s different from this formation and it’s different here. If you compare the two of them, it’s quite different and I will remove the mouse, focus on this part and focus on this part. It’s different, right?

It’s a visual downtrend because the price failed at that moment to take the high. Once I saw the lower low, this low is lower than that one. And then when the price failed to take this high, then I said, I’m selling it. And I sold it at 0.1150 I think. Let me check again. 0.1140 exactly at that moment, just after the price failed to take this high, I said, the volatility is gone. I don’t want to stay anymore. Let me look for opportunities to buy cheaper.

I took an amazing profit. It’s not on the top. We cannot sell on the top, guys, because obviously, we don’t know at that moment if this will be the top. It’s still bullish. I want to stay in, but at the moment I see a downtrend forming on the monthly or the weekly. It’s a little bit harder on the weekly because we have many highs and many lows.

The downtrend in cryptocurrency portfolio tracking

But on the monthly, I just get out and take my profit. Same thing with the Civic. Let me show it to you. So I took the Civic a little bit later. It was quite volatile and I did all of this honestly at about 1:00, 2:00 p.m., just after the New York Stock Exchange closes. I notice huge volatility with these top gainers at the moment. And obviously, I didn’t want to record any videos and I took as well the Civic.

So let me show it to you on quite a good trade here as well.

The Civic

So another impulsive break. And again, when the downtrend was formed on the Monthly, I sold it. Same thing with the DNT. I noticed this move in the top gainers. It was most of the time, basically, the DNT. was on the top, then civic below, and they switched a few times. The focus was on these two.

And then when the price formed here, this downtrend, actually, I think I sold it at about not that here, but a little bit lower. I think it was at 19. I didn’t really take the best price because it happened early in the morning. That fall here, this one happened early in the morning and honestly, I was tired at this moment. I stayed a few nights until 2, 3 so I can’t really wake up at 6:00 as I usually do.

So I’ve missed my cryptocurrency portfolio tracking a little bit

Then I saw that the price failed again to take the high. So let me see it on weekly. It will be more visual. You see this fail and then the price formed a lower low than that one. And that’s what I consider as a downtrend, as you know, and I sold that.

the downtrend
The downtrend

Still a great profit with the Civic. So these 3 trades pushed my portfolio balance above 17 000 Bulgarian Lev, or this is about 8 500 EUR.

There’s uncertainty in the market at the moment

And since the beginning, I can tell you that I have invested. And if you are following the lectures very strictly and accurately, I have invested exactly 3 000. Actually, it’s in my sheet on the first page. The initial investment, 3 341 EUR. And you notice that I didn’t put them at once in my account. I was just buying 1 Crypto after another, after another after another, demonstrating the system to you, guys.

And after the recent trades, I did over 150% profit, or actually, it was 160 at the moment when I sent the Chainlink to my wallet. Right over here.

my chainlink wallet
When I sent the Chainlink to my wallet

But now is just a little bit sideways, I think even the profit a little bit. So from this point, after that, there is a profit going up and I will see how it’s going. So this is where I am at the moment, I usually avoid to hope what will happen, but it looks like a bullish formation.

That’s not a reversal formation

I think the Bitcoin will push higher above 16 000. Don’t take it as a suggestion to buy or anything. I’m never giving advice, guys. I’m saying how I see the market and I’m telling it that this pattern here, the flag that we have is a bullish formation. It’s not a reversal formation. It happens, but rarely. More often, after such formation, there’s a movement upwards and not just the technical analysis I’m showing you right now, but as I’ve said, the market is quite uncertain at the moment.

And I think the investors are looking more into Bitcoin to secure their money into, you know, the most popular Cryptocurrency out there. Still, I’m not buying Bitcoins because the smaller Cryptos do better. The proof with the last sheet, 150%, 92%. And this happened just in 2-3 days. And what I’ve bought just with the last 3 entries Link, Ethereum, and Tezos with the last 3 entries. This is what I’m looking at at the moment.

The 2 options I have in my cryptocurrency portfolio tracking

The next target with the Bitcoin is at 18 790, which I cannot say whether it is reachable or not. Well, the 16 000 looked impossible back in time when we were down here at 14 000 when I had this new Fibonacci.

The new Fibonacci

But then look what happened. It’s possible to happen. I’m not saying it will happen. I’m not saying it will not happen. I don’t care if the price goes down, I will buy some more Cryptos, and now I can afford that.

Actually, something I almost forgot, when my cryptocurrency portfolio tracking reached 6 000 if you remember what I did, I said, now I will be entering 10 times with 600 EUR each piece. Now, since my cryptocurrency portfolio tracking is above 8 000, I have 2 options. One is I can increase the entry to 800 or I can allow myself more entries. And for the moment I will stick to option number 2. In my EUR wallet, I have 2 300 left.

The new profits in my cryptocurrency portfolio tracking

Basically, these are the new profits that I did and even I already have 10 entries. I have room for another 3, almost 4. I mean, 4 times to buy with 600 EUR each. So it’s up to you how you want to proceed. Actually, there are 3 options. You can withdraw your profit if you need it. I don’t need it at the moment. So I’d prefer to keep it in my EUR wallet because as I’ve said, this way we will pay a smaller fee every time we buy, not using my Visa card.

So that is what I would prefer to do at the moment. And I’m just giving you the different options. So, one, you can withdraw your profits, two, you can increase your entry. But if you want to stick to 10 and you already have 10 and you have profits, then the better thing is number 2, just increase the number of entries if they are, of course, entries from the Bitcoin. And usually, there are all the time instead of rising the 1 entry. I really hope that’s very clear.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions

And last one I’ve been doing that. If you remember when I started the course, actually, that’s the first cycle right here. 2nd of May. So it’s May, June, July, August, September, October. It is over 6 months. Now, usually, personally, how I do it, guys, I will share something more with you is every month I would add another piece to my cryptocurrency portfolio tracking. So if I have the chance to save money, let’s say that way I would put another piece into my portfolio.

And during these months I didn’t do it. I didn’t add anything more from my Visa card, so I have room to go. You know what I mean. If I have 10 entries and I have nothing in the EUR wallet, I can increase to 11, 12, 13 if I can afford to. I hope that’s clear. If you can afford to add another one, you can always add that. Of course, that’s a personal choice, simply how I do it. I afford to add another piece, not for this amount, not for this account.

I’m talking about, in general, how I invest in Cryptocurrencies. I really hope that’s clear. If it’s not, don’t hesitate to ask me, but I recorded already so many examples that I’m pretty sure it’s clear the system, how I’m doing it and anything new I do, I share with you just like the top gainers, which I showed in the previous lecture, and just keep an eye on them. And if you’ll notice some especially cheap Crypto with an explosive move I always want to be there.

Take advantage when the price goes down and buy

I’m glad that I succeeded to record such examples and to show you what profits we can do for a few days.

I hope this will give you a better idea about my current setup and we will see if my expectation will be right or not. But as I always like to say, be happy if the price falls down because we will buy those Cryptos on a cheaper price.

This is a free lecture from the Cryptocurrency Investment Strategy Without Losses course. You can enroll in the course for more crypto portfolio tracking examples.

Thanks, guys, for reading.

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