Forex Trading Education – from Basics to Advanced

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Forex trading education is a must nowadays, anyway the risk of losing money is huge.

Forex trading education is a course launched by Petko Aleksandrov, head trader at EA Forex Academy. This course is for beginner traders who want to learn Forex trading basics, who want to get stable knowledge and learn a profitable strategy for trading. The Forex trading education will be presented with many examples in trading, so the strategy will become clear to every student.

The trader will show the very first steps that every trader must take in order to install the trading platform, select the broker, and set up the screen. This is an important first step and many traders are missing it. The result is they lose because they lack the basic Forex trading education.

The Forex market provides huge opportunities because there are many currency pairs that could be traded. The problem comes from the fact that the traders do not know which pair to trade at each moment. The trader will show you a unique indicator that shows which currency is strong and which is weak at every moment. This way you will know which is the proper currency pair to trade and in which direction. Also, Petko is going to include the indicator in the course, so your trading will be easier.

Petko Aleksandrov will teach you a manual strategy that can be applied at any moment during the trading day. It is a scalping strategy and the positions take normally a couple of minutes up to an hour. So whenever you have free time, you can trade with the strategy learned in the Forex trading education course.

A safe and conservative money management system is taught in the last lecture. Petko says that It is not important with how much money you will start the trading with, but what percentage you will risk from your account. The Forex trading education is conservative in money management because more than 90% of traders lose money, and they lose by risking huge amounts from their accounts.

The Forex trading education is focused only on practical examples, and not on useless theory. All theory available online has been created by the brokers to make the traders lose, says Petko in his lessons. Many examples will be demonstrated, so the trading strategy will become clearer to every trader that enrols in the course.

Petko teaches that the most important in trading is to avoid emotions or to hope that the price will go in the wanted direction. In the course, Petko says The price is where it needs to be.

What Will I Learn?
  • With this Forex trading education, you will have a strategy
  • Learn to trade every moment during the trading day
  • Gain practical knowledge in Forex trading education
  • Trade with the most volatile currency pair every moment
  • Ensure your Forex trading basics skills and improve more
  • The Forex trading education is basic and no experience in trading is needed
  • The strategy is flexible – you can trade whenever you have free time
  • Online Forex trading education online – learn when you are free to learn
Who is the target audience?
  • Beginner traders who want to learn the basic steps in Forex trading
  • Traders who are looking for missing skills in Forex and learn to profit
  • The course is suitable for professional traders, scalping strategy is taught

If you are looking for more manual trading strategies, please click on the Manual section.


Hello, dear traders, my name is Petko Alexandrov and I will answer the 10 most frequently asked questions that I receive for the Forex trading education course. Now we have already thousands of students that joined Forex Academy, which makes me of course, very happy and most of the time we get one and the same question. So I have decided to make this series of frequently asked questions for all my courses which will be very helpful for everybody who has questions and wants to learn details about the course. I will answer them one by one.

1. “Why is it that my trading screen with Heiken Ashi does not look the same as yours?”

Now Heiken Ashi indicator normally is not a Meta Trader indicator that comes with the installation on Meta Trader. Some brokers put it additionally. You can put it by yourself, you can download it from the internet for free or you can find it from somewhere very easily actually.

And when you place it, it will come with different default colours which you can change. So it should not be the same as mine. Of course, you should find the colours inputs, or change the colours that you feel comfortable with when looking at a trading screen. In the Forex trading education course, you will see how to change the colours in the MetaTrader platform.

So it will always give you the same signals, it doesn’t matter what colours you will use.

2. “Is Forex trading gambling like in the casino?”

Now you will see this written on so many places over the internet, people who lost money with Forex say that this is like the casino. But I could tell you that 99%, probably 99.9% of them did not go through any education when they started. And they are simply buying and selling without an idea, or after they saw something on the news, or after some friend told them something, which is totally different from what we are doing and what I am teaching in the course.

And even I have no idea, and I close my eyes, and I go in one asset, and I just buy or sell. I will have 50/50 chance to go with the market. Something nobody has in the casino.

It’s never 50/50 there. There you have no chances, it’s all on the side of the casino. And that’s why you will never see me in the casino.

However, Forex trading is much more logical. And especially when you go through education, when you build a strategy, or when you learn the strategy like the one I’m teaching in the course, you have bigger chances on the market. Than someone who is gambling, someone who has no idea, who is lazy to go through an education and goes trading just without an idea.


My name is Petko Aleksandrov, and I am the Head Mentor at EA Forex Academy. I have created the Academy in 2016. The best method to learn nowadays is online, and I have specialized in recording online trading courses, which brings the traders what they need to start trading professionally. I am happy to share 100s of Expert Advisors in my courses for free so that everyone can practice trading. With my team, we do our best to create high-quality education, and if you have any questions or quires, please write in the Forum.