Basic Algorithmic Trading Course + 3 Robots

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Basic Algorithmic trading course – take the first step into the professional trading

My name is Petko Aleksandrov, and I am the Head Mentor at EA Forex Academy. I have already created many algorithmic trading courses for the Forex and Cryptocurrency market. We have received many requests for a basic algorithmic trading course, and I have decided to satisfy this desire.

The course is structured in steps that a beginner trader can follow and carefully step into the algorithmic trading. Please, be advised that trading on the Financial market is risky and professional education is a must in order to avoid substantial losses.

In the basic algorithmic trading course, we have decided to include 3 Expert Advisors (trading robots), that will help you learn easier and you will understand how the EAs are working properly. You will be able to practice with expert advisors trading on the Meta Trader platform (the only trusted platform for algorithmic trading)

Also, in the basic algorithmic trading course:

  • you will learn how to avoid the bad brokers and how properly to choose a trading broker
  • how to install the trading platform Meta Trader and set up the screen with the different tools available
  • you will learn to export Historical data from the proper server of the broker you are trading with(scripts are included)
  • how to generate and filter strategies with the strategy builder EA Studio(without programming skills)
  • you will learn to place the ready expert advisors on Meta Trader and follow precise statistics
  • how to keep correct money management and avoid huge losses from simple mistakes

The huge illusion created by the marketers who sell Expert Advisors will be revealed. They sell Expert Advisors with unrealistic results, and most of the traders do hope that they will find their “fortune robot” that will bring them profits constantly. The reality is that when we trade with Expert Advisors, there is some work that we need to do. With this basic algorithmic trading course, you will learn how to trade with many expert advisors in one account.

I will teach you how to run an optimization for the Expert Advisors for your broker and follow your account with detailed statistics. Algorithmic trading is not just buying an expert advisor and leaving it to do all the job, and in this basic algorithmic trading course, I will teach you what you need to do in order to be profitable.


What Will I Learn?
  • How to trade with expert advisors on the Forex market and follow a trading account
  • Create strategies and export them as EAs without programming skills
  • Test the robustness of each strategy before even placing it on the platform
  • Follow precise money management, which is very important in trading
  • Learn to test Expert Advisors on a demo account to avoid losses while learning
  • How to follow precise statistics for the trading account with many robots trading


Who is the target audience?
  • Traders who are missing basic algorithmic trading knowledge and want to fulfill it
  • Everyone who is just starting trading  and wants to have a stable basic skills
  • Traders who are looking to avoid emotions in trading and depend on algorithms


  • It is a basic algorithmic trading course and no trading knowledge is required
  • Constant internet connection is needed to have stable access to the server
  • The student should have a huge desire to learn and practice algorithmic trading
  • The Expert Advisors included are ready for trading and no programming is needed

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In our forum, you will meet fellow traders and students of EA Forex Academy. Trading within the community allows you to improve your trading skills daily.

If you are looking for a more advanced algorithmic trading course, please visit this section.


My name is Petko Aleksandrov, and I am the Head Mentor at EA Forex Academy. I have created the Academy in 2016. The best method to learn nowadays is online, and I have specialized in recording online trading courses, which brings the traders what they need to start trading professionally. I am happy to share 100s of Expert Advisors in my courses for free so that everyone can practice trading. With my team, we do our best to create high-quality education, and if you have any questions or quires, please write in the Forum.

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