What impressed me the most during the Bitcoin trading seminars in Japan?

This is Petko Aleksandrov and I am recording from the Sky Tree in Japan. I’m on the 450th floor at 600 meters high. I had 2 Bitcoin trading seminars – one was in Osaka and yesterday was in Tokyo. One of the best experiences I ever had.

The Bitcoin trading seminars in Japaned showed me that the people are so polite here, everyone smiles, everyone bows. And they have this great, great discipline. When I was coming to Tokyo with this bullet train, it does really 320 km/h but what impressed me the most is there are these policemen that they have their routines.
And every 5 or 10 minutes they walk through the car and when they exit they bow! Even everyone sleeps and they walk even on the opposite way so everyone is looking forward but there is a guy who is coming backward. And I just put my phone with the camera because I wanted to see what he will do. And he bowed again when exiting the car. No one sees him, no cameras inside but he bowed. And one of the policemen stopped by me and I thought you will tell me something because I was talking on the phone and everybody was sleeping. The thing is he went down and he took a coin, one yen coin and he gave it to me, I’m not sure that it was mine but he gave it to me. I think this would never happen in Europe or anywhere else.

And it’s so clean here.


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Streets of Japan


You cannot see a single cigarette on the floor or a single piece of paper. I was waiting in front of the restaurant because everybody waits in a column to get into the restaurant. And I saw at the next restaurant which was like five meters away, the chef from the kitchen went out and he took from the ground one very small piece of paper. I even did not notice it. There are women who are riding their bicycle with these fancy gloves and umbrella somehow attached to their bicycles. Everything is like in order.

There is nothing missing, there is nothing extra. Everything is where it is supposed to be. The Bitcoin trading seminar was organized perfectly.

And today is actually Monday morning, I am done with the Bitcoin trading seminars and I was wondering whether to go out or not because I thought there will be huge traffic. Guess what? No traffic at all! Monday morning in Tokyo no traffic. There are no cars on the street. There are a few taxis, buses, everyone uses the subway, the metro, and the trains. And the first time I got into the subway I was waiting for the train to come and I looked on my left side there was a column of people waiting two by two was standing alone I looked at the right side and guess what? There was another column of two people waiting. They are waiting on the exact spot, there is a line where you need to wait and I was standing in the middle and what surprised me the most was that nobody looked at me with a bad eye even I was standing in front of them in the middle.

Japan is really a fantastic place. People are so disciplined and everyone who comes here has a lot to learn from the people.

It was a great pleasure for me leading these Bitcoin trading seminars and I Japan really impressed me. I will be uploading some parts of the seminar in the following Youtube playlist: