Bitcoin trading with 99 EAs – How to follow the results

Bitcoin trading has become most popular after everyone saw that it is not one way ticket to the heaven.

Bitcoin trading is suitable for nowadays market behavior because people can benefit from selling it. The Bitcoin showed that is just a currency. In this article part of the Bitcoin trading algorithmic course from Petko Aleksandrov, you will learn how to trade with 99 Robots for the Bitcoin. And how to follow their performance.

Hello dear traders, it is Petko Aleksandrov from EA Forex Academy. And I am going to share with you the results from the demo account. Where we have placed 99 robots the last week.

I have waited like one week, I think a little bit longer even. You can see that currently I’m having $306 as a profit. There are many open positions and you can see as well that I have $103 000.

This demo account have made more than $3000 and currently I have some more profits that are not closed.


bitcoin trading results
Bitcoin trading results

The idea here, guys, is that this whole portfolio as you can see it’s making profit. These 99 Expert Advisors are currently making profit. But what I want to do, is I want to take the top 10 performers. Out of this 99 and to place them on a separate live account.

Because obviously during this period of time there were some losses as well. And I will show it to you now how we follow their performance. I want to place only the top 10, the top Bitcoin trading performers on different accounts.

In order to follow that we go to you one website that it’s called FX blue. And keep in mind, guys, we’re not connected to any of the websites. We use it just to follow their performance of the Expert Advisors. There are many things in this website.

So, what I do?

bitcoin stats
Website that we are not connected to

I click on FX Blue and here is the username and the password. I have already registered for the demo account but I will show you how you need to register. You see here is the button register. The first one for the account synchronization and since I am going to Meta Trader 4. If you go to Meta Trader 5 for example, and I will suggest you, guys, to stick with Meta Trader 4.

Because Meta Trader 5 a lot of mistakes there, still not fixed. We’ve receive some reports about mistakes on Meta Trader 5 and you can read much more about it over Internet.

But personally me our team is focusing on Meta Trader 4 when it comes to Bitcoin trading.

When I click on register you will see here there is broker server. You need to select the server of the demo account because some brokers have several servers. You select the server, you write down the account number. And the read-only password that you receive when you register.

Basically this is the investors password and then you write down your e-mail. You agree with the terms and conditions, nothing really special there and you click on register. And your account, your demo account will be connected to this website. When I click on login you will be into the account synchronization.

After that I click on statistics, you see here is the exactly the dates. Because I really don’t remember when exactly I place it but we have history of 10 days. I have monthly return of 7.3% of our weekly return of 1.7 %, profit factor 1.24. And here I had the floating profit which is $300 and here is your balance and equity. So, what we care about is the strategy.

I click on strategy and here you see the performance of the 99 Expert Advisor, guys. There is so many statistics here that you can follow for your Bitcoin trading or any other asset:

  • number of trades for all Expert Advisors
  • gross profit
  • gross loss
  • net profit for the Bitcoin trading
  • profit factor
  • winners
  • losers
  • how many and how long time they went.

You can see here, there is:

  • the longest
  • the shortest
  • the best rate
  • the worst trade

there are so many statistics here, guys.

You can look in details-there is average profit, there are consecutive losses, consecutive profits. And it is only strategy, there is so many other ones, like the trading hours. You can see during which hours you are making most profits, on which hours you are losing and so on, and so on. Days, weeks, direction up and down.

I can bet you, guys, that when it is going up making profit, it is. And when it is going down, it is making a loss, simply this is the Bitcoin trading at the moment.

Lets go back to the strategy and what we focus, guys, is the Net profit.

I click on Net profit and I arrange the Expert Advisors in a way that I will see the ones that are making profit on the top. And the ones that are making losses at the current moment. I want to place in my live account only the ones that are making profit at the current moment. I want you to remember that:


Bitcoin trading results
Results from the Bitcoin trading

At the current moment, because this is the only realistic thing that we have there is no past performance that can guarantee you actually future performance. I said that in the disclaimer in the beginning as well. But there are people that are focusing so much, so much in back testing. They do so many back tests, they pay money to companies to provide history data.

And they take this tick data, tick data, there is no such thing in Meta Trader. Even in the tester you can see that there is a tick data. But just remember from me tick data in Meta Trader is illusion, there is no such a thing,

The only thing is the open price and all of our Expert Advisors.

Just to give you a quick look what I’m talking about in Expert Advisor. If I go to strategy tester each Expert Advisor you can test it for a current period of time. And with model you can choose 3 options- every tick, control points and open prices only. This is the only realistic thing that you can get from Meta Trader. Tick data is illusion one more time I repeat and I’m not going into details. Just don’t waste time to do tick data history back testing and especially to buy such history data.


Bitcoin methods
Methods to backtest a strategy

So, I continue now. Let’s go back to the website, just to open it from the other page. And what we have you can see here, you can see the profit factor of the first Expert Advisor, guys, it’s 12. This is really nice.

It made 281 profit and it had just $21 of loss.

It’s really, really nice Expert Advisor at the current moment that is catching this huge volatility at the Bitcoin trading. At the moment you can see just reaching new tops, guys, 10 911 and it’s going up.

You see, what we are doing here, we are not trying to predict anything. We are not going to tremble, is it going to go more further up, is it going to go lower.

What we do now?

I will show you how to take the 10 top Bitcoin trading Expert Advisors from the 99. So, we have one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. The Expert Advisor ending on 773 is the tenth one.


Results in trading
The best EAs for Bitcoin trading

So, what is the idea here, guys?

The idea is that I want to trade the top 10 Expert Advisors that are making profit at the current moment. Doesn’t mean that the others are not profitable. Just these 10 are making much more profit than the other 89.

And I will just keep refreshing that. For example tomorrow at the same time if I see that Expert Advisor 884 went here and this one came down I will remove this one from the trading account, from the live account. And I will replace it with the one below, the one that took its place. It could be that 2-3 will go down, 2-3 will go up.

We always keep on the live account the top 10 performers, the top Bitcoin trading Expert Advisors. And it will change all the time. This is the work that you need to do during the day. To have a look at it, to see which one change places, which one on the top and to replace them. You don’t spend the whole day, guys, the Expert Advisors are trading for you.

You just need to follow their performance.

And basically you can do it the way you want.

This is just an example for the top 10 Bitcoin trading strategies for this course. But here I will leave it a door open for you. It’s your choice whether you want to trade the top 10. It’s your choice you want to trade the best one. For example, the second, the third comes on first place you will remove the best one. And you will replace it with the other one.

In this way we are trading, one more time I say, the Expert Advisors that are currently at the present moment making profits, guys. And not that ones that show better back test and so on, and so on.

Yes, we use the back test, we use it to create the strategies, we use it as I showed you to test so many strategies for the last 1 month, to see which one are keeping making profits. And finally we are doing one more huge test by placing these 99 Expert Advisors on a demo account. 

We choose only the top Bitcoin trading Expert Advisors, you can choose the top 1, top 2, top 3, top 5, top 10, top 20, if you wish, doesn’t matter.

The question is that we have so many Expert Advisors, you have so many Expert Advisors already 99. You can place the top performers on a live account. Actually I will suggest you, guys, to do this on another demo account. Just open one more demo account and for example start with 3 and place them on a demo account. Follow their performance, see which one will change places. If you need to change the second for example with the 51, you replace them, see how it’s going. If you find it profitable I’ll be very happy for that, guys.

And this is the way, guys, that we found in the Academy to make profits. If you get used to that, and if you succeed to make profits really, really I will be very happy from that. This is the powerful tool actually of EA Studio that we can create so many Expert Advisors.

If any of those Experts Advisors starts losing you have so many to replace it.

This is how we solve the problem, you can read all over internet, comments, reviews- “I have bought one Expert Advisor, it worked for some time and starts losing”, you will see this thousands time as a comment. And this is normal because the Expert Advisor didn’t start to lose, guys. I want to make it clear here. It’s not the Expert Advisor starts to lose.

The Expert Advisor for the Bitcoin trading has a code with the entry condition. And it’s entering every time with the same entry conditions.

What changed, is the market. This is very important, you can see how the market is changing. And this is what is changing, not the Expert Advisor. That’s why we have hundreds of Expert Advisors if any starts to lose we replace it with new one and the problem is solved. Very, very easy.

Of course, guys, took me years to come up with this conclusion. I’m happy I came up with this conclusion and I’m happy sharing with everybody. And really hope you will, guys, succeed to make profits.

Let’s move on what we have, I want to take the top 10 Bitcoin trading experts. Take a pen and a paper and write down the number of the Expert. So, the number is 33685704. Of course, you don’t need to do it right now, guys, when you’re watching.

But you need to do it after that when you have your statistics and when you actually you are practicing that. It’s easier to write it down on a piece of paper. Because now I will go back to the Meta Trader. I’m going to File and then I click on Open data folder and I am going to MQL4, then I’m going to Experts.

You know already that all the Expert Advisors are in this folder, so what I do?

Expert Advisors
Easy way to place the EAs in Meta Trader

I right click, and I will create one folder that says top 10, for example. If you decide to trade only the top 3 performers you will name it like that. It is up to you.

What I will do now? I press CTRL + F, I write the number 33685704, in order to find the best Bitcoin trading robot so far,  here it is.

easy to find with Magic number
Press CTR+F to find the strategy with the Magic number

I click on copy and I will close this search box and I will place this Expert Advisor in this folder. Simply, this way by the search box, by the number you can find. Anyway, it will be really hard for me to look in the 99 Expert Advisors where exactly is this top performer that is making currently such great profits with profit factor 12.9.

Profit factor 12.9 for Bitcoin trading is something you will see very rarely.

I’m going to the next one, so it is 34274793. And again I’m going to the Meta Trader and I press CTRL + F and I write it down. So, it’s 342274793, here it is. I’d copy that one as well make sure to copy, not to cut it. Because if you cut it, actually you will remove it and it will continue trading on your demo account. I place it over here and this is the way that I select the top performers out of the 99.

When I have the 10 here, I will copy all of these and I will place them in the separate account. The same way that I have already showed you for the 99. I’m not going to do it right now. Because I don’t want to get boring with the video, to do it one and the same 10 Expert Advisors. But basically this is the thing we are doing. I will just summarize it.

What we did we connect it our demo account with One more time we’re not connected to this website with any reason. Just a lot of statistics here that we can use and that are very useful. We are focusing on the Net profit, we arranged the Expert Advisors, the strategies by the Net profit. Because this is at the end of the day the most important and

then I’m taking the top 10 Bitcoin trading strategies.

I find them in the folder where are the old Experts and I will place these Expert Advisors in the live account.

One more time, I suggest you open a separate demo account and practice this method for Bitcoin trading for some period of time like one month, two months, three months. Basically, you will get used with that and just go to the live account when you feel comfortable, when you feel safe and when you feel ready.

The question, guys, is that by using these Expert Advisors, by following the statistics and selecting the top performers what we do, is we avoid the emotions.

Because, guys, so many people are losing money nowadays with these cryptocurrencies, because they trade it manually. They just buy it somewhere and it’s so hard to predict what will happen. You can see what a drop we have just in one hour, actually this is in 30 minutes time with the Bitcoin.

Imagine you have bought it here somewhere, you say for example to yourself OK if the Bitcoin goes to 10 400 I will buy it, you buy it, you place yours top. Can you handle $400 at this moment with a loss? Probably you can but if you have bought 10 Bitcoins here, 10 lots for example, you need to have a stop loss bigger than $400 into your account. And basically it can drop much lower at any moment.

Of course, it’s going up now, guys. It really we don’t care what’s going on there, we don’t care, I don’t care. For example yesterday the Bitcoin went above $10 000, so comments, so many news, so many talks and talks about it. And people just jump to it without any idea what they are doing.

This is what we don’t care about, we don’t care if the price is 10 000, if it will go to 20 000 or if it will fall to 5000. Because we are following this system and we follow the Bitcoin trading Expert Advisors. They are trading we are just replacing them with the ones that are currently making profit.

So we avoid the emotions.


avoid emotions
This is the idea in Bitcoin trading with EAs

There are 2 emotions that will make you lose if you do Bitcoin trading manually.

  • One, is the fear. For example, if you are here on the profit, let’s say you bought the Bitcoin before going to 10 000, now it’s to 10 900 and you are afraid that you will lose this profit and you will close your position or if you bought it for example here and it dropped for 30 minutes with $400 believe me you will get afraid that you will lose and it will go lower. So, people close their positions because they are afraid, they will lose.
  • And the opposite way the people become greedy when they make profit, they want more and more, so they buy more and more and at one moment when there is a loss like that they get afraid, they close everything and they realize that they are on loss.

I don’t want to get into details about the emotions, but this is how it’s working. I’ve seen it so many times, I have experienced that, guys, to be honest with you long time ago,

That’s why I realized that it’s so much easier with the algorithmic trading,

because there is no emotions involved and when there is no emotions involved it’s so much easier.

Of course, it’s a hard job to be done everything we are doing but it’s easier because we don’t tremble in front of the screen to wonder, to predict what will happen because nobody actually can predict what will happen, guys. If you read some expectations and predictions don’t trust that. Trust your eyes, trust what you see, trust the statistic you see and this is the only way that you can be sure in something in your own knowledge and in your own statistics and Expert Advisors performance that I’m showing you at the moment.

You will have these 99 Bitcoin trading Expert Advisors and I really hope that you will manage to do it.

You just keep on practicing. It is a lot of questions all the time how much capital you need to start, guys, really don’t drop me these questions because I will never suggest you starting capital. I probably I said that’s already in the course, I will maybe say it another time and I will repeat it.

It is up to you, make sure to trade with small lot, so you can start for example with 0.01 because at the end of the day, guys, this is your money, you’re risking, it’s your responsibility and you need to prepare yourself, you need to have a good system.

I do believe this is a good system for Bitcoin trading because we have already tested it,

I’m showing you how it’s making profits and trade with it small percentage of it.

We can see here for example, if I’m trading with 0.10 lot and I have 99 Experts, obviously the maximum that can be opened is 9.9 lots. There I need to have at least account of $15 000 or $20 000, just here I have opened a huge account of $100 000, this is a demo account, so it’s not really matter.

The idea is that you trade a small percentage, guys, you can see from the 100 000, 97 000 is free. I’m trading with a very small percentage of the whole account and what you need to do, is just simply the same.

Bitcoin trading results
Results are more important at the end

Trade with a very small percentage from your account and actually when you trade the top 1, the top 3, top 5, the top 10 up to you, you will have a very small lot. So for example, if you want to trade with 1 whole lot. You better trade with 0.1 with 10 Experts or if you want to trade all in all with 0.1. For example, you open a small trading account and all you want to risk is 0.1, you can trade with the top 10 Bitcoin trading Expert Advisors with 0.01, so you will have totally 0.1.

I hope it’s clear and this is the whole idea, guys, here. The whole it is that we diversify the risk on many, many Expert Advisors and strategies and not only over one. Because if one is losing at the current moment, the others at the same time will be making profits and this is how we limit the risk and this is how we achieve this result for such a short period of time by following these statistics you will see even better results.

Again, guys, be careful, take your time, don’t be in a hurry.

That’s really a great system that I’m sharing with you at the moment, just make sure to learn it and to practice it before you go to live account. Just drop these top performers on a separate demo account and practice it.

OK guys, thank you very much for reading. If you have any questions drop me an e-mail at and I will be always there to answer you.

If you wish to enroll into the course you can find it here on our website: Bitcoin Algorithmic trading course + 99 Expert Advisors

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Have a great day and always keep Bitcoin trading safe!