Bitcoin Expert Advisor – How to Trade the Best One?

Bitcoin Expert Advisors – the easiest way to trade like a professional trader

Bitcoin expert advisors are what Petko Aleksandrov focuses on in this Bitcoin algorithmic trading course + 99 Bitcoin Expert Advisors.  In the course, he provides 99 Bitcoin Expert Advisors, and more he updates the course every new month with a new 99 EAs.

This method of trading is tested at EA Forex Academy for a long time. The idea came as a solution to one of the most significant issues in algorithmic trading:

Why do Bitcoin Expert Advisors fail after time?

The answer is simple — the Bitcoin market changes, like all the other markets. A trader can not expect that one Expert Advisor will remain profitable for a long time. Why? Because of the market changes.

We can not expect that a single Bitcoin EA will stand in time when the price is going up like a rocket in 2017-2018, and the same EA no profit when the price falls. But when we trade with many Expert Advisors, we can diversify the risk. And this rule is not just for Bitcoin EA, but for any other trading asset.

That is the reason why Mr. Aleksandrov provides 99 Bitcoin Expert Advisors in this course. This way, he tests many strategies trading simultaneously in one trading account. The best performers he replaces on another trading account. These could be the Top 3, the Top 5 or 10 Bitcoin expert advisors:

Bitcoin Expert Advisors performance
Statistics from the separate account

If any of those selected strategies start to fail, another one is being placed. This is precisely what you will learn in this article.

The Bitcoin Expert Advisors are always created over certain Historical Data. This means that the parameters of each strategy are fit to the trading period before each release of the EAs. The mentor generates every new month new 99 Bitcoin Expert Advisors, including always the data from the recent one month.

This way, the students have every month new 99 Bitcoin expert advisors that were created according to the most recent market conditions.

And this way the students have massive diversification of the risk, and a tremendous amount of Bitcoin expert advisors to choose from. This way, the traders do not rely on a single strategy or Expert Advisor.

No, trading or programming experience is needed to apply this system.

Usually, if you use the MetaEditor of MetaTrader, you would need two things to create Bitcoin Expert Advisor:

  • profitable strategy to relay on and code
  • programming skills or hire a developer

The problem comes that you can not understand if a strategy is useful if you do not have the Bitcoin Expert Advisor. So it is a road without an exit. You need a profitable strategy to build the robot, but you do not know if that strategy is profitable if you do not have the robot.

That is why, with this course, you will receive 99 EAs, and you will be able to test them and see which are the profitable EAs for your broker. The problem is solved.

The Bitcoin Expert Advisors are ready to use, and any beginner trader can apply them. The only work is to follow the performance of the strategies, and this process is described in the article:

I continue from the demo account, where I have placed the top 3 Bitcoin Expert Advisors.

That was performing best among the 99 Bitcoin Expert Advisors. And as you can see, currently, I have a balance of 1101. This means that I have succeeded in making $100, and this is like 10% from my initial capital. So, let’s see now in details what are the results on each strategy.

I will log in to my FX blue, and first, I will need to register for this account. And I click on FX blue live.  And I will click on register, and again, here I need to select the Pepperstone demo server. Let me go down. It’s right over here, a little bit higher Pepperstone 01. And here I will enter the new details.

The account number is 875720, and I have my read-only password here. So, let me paste here the password. And the email I will write down the email as well of the Academy, register, and my account should be registered.

Let’s see the statistics:

trading results
Expected results dues to current performance

The account you have not yet published a trading statement. I need to click on account synchronization, and here click save even without changing anything. Now I will go back to the statistics. And here you see that actually, I have history only of 2 days. I have a floating profit loss of $8, balance 1100. The equity is 1092, and weekly return this is like expected weekly return and monthly return.

We have only two days of historical data. So, based on these results, this FX Blue website is calculating how much would be your monthly return or weekly return. But it doesn’t mean, and there is no guarantee actually that it will continue the very same way. Because for two days to make 10% it’s a very, very good result. Let’s go to strategy and see what I have here.

You can see I have just a couple of trades opened 5-7 trades. And my best profit was made by this strategy 57144865. It had $134 of profit and 0 losses. The second strategy made a profit as well as one profitable one losing trade. Exactly. And the third one had one profitable and one losing trade. It has a negative result.

You see, here is an excellent example of diversification with Bitcoin Expert Advisors.

You see now that if I have placed only this Expert Advisor to trade, I would have only profit. But you never know this, guys, and I didn’t know when I set the 3 Expert Advisors which one will have the best profit in the next days. That’s why I prefer to put 3, 5, 10 Bitcoin Expert Advisors in a separate account.

To make sure that if one of those starts to lose, the other two will profit.

And at the end of the day, I will be positive.

Why is it better to trade with Bitcoin Expert Advisors?

  • risk-diversification is achieved
  • more stable results compared to trading a single Bitcoin EA
  • easier to follow the results with websites as FX Blue
  • emotions are removed from trading(the reason why 99% of the Bitcoin traders lost money)

Every Bitcoin EA has losing moments. That is very normal because every strategy has profitable periods and losing phases. Many people are looking for this perfect strategy that makes profits all the time, but that is not the reality. Every single strategy has losses. The question is to select the strategies that are profitable at the current moment, for the current market conditions. And if we have many strategies and we test them on a Demo account, we can choose which Bitcoin EA to trade on the live account. Because we will see which one makes a profit for the current market conditions.

This is very, very important. So, now what I will do, guys?

I will exit from the account. Because I want to log in to my other account. It’s this one it saved over here. So, to see if these three are still on the top or I need to change some of the Bitcoin Expert Advisors. I go to statistics again, and I click on strategy, and I see here that the magic number of 57144865 is on the top here. And it’s on the top of my top 3.  I will not move this one:

Bitcoin Expert Advisors trading account
The test account with 99 EAs

The second one ends at 275. It’s another one. I will need to replace one of the 3. And the third one is 234. So, it’s again another one. My top 3 strategies were ending on different numbers. Exactly it’s 734 and 478. One more time, I will check. So, it is 734 and 478. You can see these strategies went lower, where are they? 734 it`s right over here, still profitable. But other strategies went on the top 3 spots.

And now, what I will do to manage this Bitcoin Expert Advisors account?

I will copy these Expert Advisors from the other folder with the 99 Bitcoin Expert Advisors. And I will replace them with the two that went down. Here are the Expert Advisors, and I will look for the one that is on the top. 56713275, it is this one over here. This is the one that is on the second place. I will copy it. I will place it where are the other Expert Advisors.

Open data folder, and I click on MQL4, and then I’m going to Experts. Now also I will remove the others that are already down with the statistics. I need to leave 865. 865. So, I will delete this one, this one, this one and this one. I remove them. And I will paste the second Expert Advisor over here.

Now, I will go back again to all of the Bitcoin Expert Advisors.

And I will look for the number 856891234. Is this one over here. I copy it, and then I go the other folder, paste here and pretty much that’s it. I will close now the folder, and I will go to Expert Advisors. And I will refresh it.

Many students are asking me when I change some Expert Advisor do I need to close the current position. So, this is totally up to you, guys. As you saw, the other Expert Advisor was making a profit. It’s okay if you leave the trade open. Let’s see which trade is opened. It’s the one that I have removed. So, what I will do?

I will close this trade now:

Closing the trade
Meta Trader separate account

I will close it because I have new Bitcoin Expert Advisors that I want to replace. And if I keep this trade open and I put the other Expert Advisor, obviously, if this Expert Advisor has an exit condition, it will not be able to manage this trade. I prefer to close the trades. Straight away to place the new ones. Or if you want you can wait until the trade is closed and then to replace it. It’s up to you.

It’s not that huge importance how you will do it.

Just make sure not to mess up. And that’s why I show you with three, and with the time, you can increase the number of the Expert Advisor. I have now again M15, M30, and H1. Which is very nice.  I’m having three different time frames. And on M15, I will place the M15 Expert Advisor. It is asking you do you want to stop the current Expert Advisor and execute the one that you have placed on the chart for Bitcoin M15:

Expert Advisors course explanations
Replacing the Bitcoin Expert Advisors

Yes, I want to. I click on OK, and you see I already have the new Expert Advisor. I go to M30, and I will do the very same thing here. And I double click on it I click yes, and then I click ok. Then I have my new Expert Advisor. And on H1, I still have this most profitable Bitcoin Expert Advisor, currently going on.

OK, guys, so that’s it. This is the whole process. This is how we follow it. It’s up to you really to find yourself, how often do you want to do that.  Do you want to do it only over the weekend, or you want to do it every day, or you want to do it 2-3 days.

I do it like every 2-3 days.

I’m following the accounts that I am trading on, and I change the Expert Advisors that are currently making a profit. Of course, for some people, $100 of profit probably is very small. For some it is more. I am satisfied with such benefit and guys. This is for two days. Let’s be realistic, and let’s not be greedy. This is very important. I’m satisfied to have such a result, especially over a thousand dollars of an account. It is a good result for me personally.

Thank you very much for reading. And please don’t take any of the brokers mentioned, any of the websites as a recommendation, any of the trading amount. I just wanted to show you an average account of $1000 how you can trade. Of course I suggest you to start trading with 0.01 lot on a real account if you want to trade actually on a real account.

If you practice it on a demo, I admire that keep practicing on demo until you get used to the process. Until you find yourself comfortable. How many Bitcoin Expert Advisors you want to trade, on what balance you want to trade them. And don’t take huge risks.

Thank you, guys, for reading. It was a pleasure recording The Bitcoin Algorithmic trading course + 99 Bitcoin Expert Advisors and writing this article.

And if you have any questions, always don’t hesitate to ask me in our SUPPORT FORUM or at Just ask, and I will be there to answer.

For more cryptocurrency trading courses, please visit our website.

Trade always safe! Cheers, guys. Bye!

Additional information about trading with Bitcoin Expert Advisors:

  • It is possible to trade the EAs only with Meta Trader. The exchanges do not offer to trade with Expert Advisors with MQL code.
  • Trading with Expert Advisors needs a constant connection to the internet. No matter you are using a laptop or desktop, you need to have a 24/7 connection with the internet. This way, you will have a constant connection to the server of the broker.
  • If, by any reason, you are disconnected from the net and the Meta Trader, no worries, here come the magic numbers in hand. Once you are connected back to the server, the magic numbers will detect the opened positions and continue managing them
  • Make sure you place the Bitcoin Expert Advisors on the right time frames. If by mistake you place the EAs on a different chart, they will open trades when the entry conditions are met, but these Bitcoin Expert Advisors were not created for this time frame
  • Trading with Expert Advisors requires proper money management. That is why Petko Aleksandrov always suggests the traders to start trading on Demo account, before trading with real money

What is Bitcoin Expert Advisor?

This is an automated strategy for the Bitcoin, which opens and closes trades according to entry and exit rules that are coded in the Expert.

How can I create a Bitcoin Expert Advisor?

If you are not developer you will need to use strategy builders as EA Studio or FSB Pro which allow you to automate trading strategies as Expert Advisors.

Where can I trade with Bitcoin Expert Advisor?

The most popular trading platform for Expert Advisors in MetaTrader. The exchanges for cryptocurrencies do not allow algorithmic trading.

Can I trade with more than one Bitcoin Expert Advisor?

Yes, it is even recommendable to trade with more than one Expert Advisor because this way the trader does not depend on a single strategy and diversifies the risk in the trading account.