Bitcoin algorithmic trading course: Questions and Answers

Bitcoin algorithmic trading course with 99 Expert Advisors. 

Bitcoin algorithmic trading course questions, I will answer today. Hello, dear traders! And welcome to the 10 most frequently asked questions for the Bitcoin Algorithmic Trading course +99 trading robots monthly.

In this video, I will answer the 10 most frequently asked questions that I receive daily for the Bitcoin Algorithmic Trading course +99 trading robots monthly. And the first question that I will start with is:

1. “My VPS allows hosting only 32 charts. How can I apply the Bitcoin algorithmic trading course system?”

I receive different questions with some limitations for the charts you can open on your MetaTrader. Now, this depends on the VPS. Usually, such limitations are typical for the VPS’s that are coming from the brokers themselves. I’m not suggesting you use VPS from the broker, especially the broker that you will be trading on. I would not trust the broker to place the Expert Advisors on their VPS. I prefer to put my Expert Advisors on external VPS that is not connected with the broker. This way, I will not have any issues with limitations for the charts.

Install MetaTrader on such a VPS, use it as your virtual trading machine and you will be able to open up to 99 chart and trader 99 Expert Advisors.

2. “Why I cannot download MetaTrader 4 from the official website to use for Bitcoin algorithmic trading course?

The official website of MetaQuotes already removed MetaTrader 4 as a downloadable link, and they have only MetaTrader 5. They want to push the traders to use MetaTrader 5, but I can tell you that most of the traders still use MetaTrader 4. I prefer to use MetaTrader4. And I think it will last a long time. And of course, if they just stopped providing it, we will switch to MetaTrader 5. But I think they will hold it for a while.

If you want to download the MetaTrader 4, you need to download it from your broker that you have selected to use. Because the brokers they have links for MetaTrader 4 or usually after you register for them or a live account they will send you to link in the e-mail from where you can download the MetaTrader 4 platform.

3. “Is it possible with the Bitcoin algorithmic trading to see demo performance different from the live account?”

Yes, it is possible actually to see a difference between the Demo and the live account. This usually depends on your broker. If they will provide you with such a virtual account that will be one-to-one similar to the live account. So what I am doing personally to check that is when I switch to another broker, or I choose a broker for some reason that I didn’t test so far, and I want to test that.

What do I do? I open a demo account and live account, and I trade with few Expert Advisors just with 0.01 lots to see a couple of trades if they will open ideally together.

So if I will see the very same trades on the demo account and the very same trades on the live account this way I will know that this broker provides a realistic demo account. Which was imitating, I can say the live trading. In Bitcoin algorithmic trading, there is a little to be tested and checked before trading. Make it precisely!

It is essential to see the same results on the Demo and the Live account. This way, you will be able to test the strategies on the Demo account and decide which ones you want to move to the live account. Bitcoin algorithmic trading course will teach you all you need. It is not difficult if you learn how to do it step-by-step. And in this course, you will learn how to do it.

4. “I get an error in Expert Advisor Studio. The generator cannot find strategies. Does it accept Bitcoin algorithmic trading?”

Now if you have such an issue, it means you are having too strict acceptance criteria in EA studio. The first thing you might want to do is untick the acceptance criteria so you will not use any acceptance criteria. Just click the generator press Start and see if you will have strategies. If you have strategies, then it means your historical data is excellent, and you can generate strategies.

The EA Studio generator accepts Bitcoin algorithmic trading and for all other assets. It is not connected to the asset because the generator works on the information that it receives from the Historical data. By the end of 2019, we expect an update from Forex Software, where they will include in EA Studio an excellent and detailed Historical information.

Now, if you don’t have strategies even without acceptance criteria, then there is something with your historical data. Probably it’s too small to find any strategy. But what we do when we don’t see strategies? We remove the acceptance criteria, we see the strategy being generated, and then we start to add the acceptance criteria slowly.

For example, you should start adding a minimum count of trades like 100. If you see strategies, then go to 200 min count of trades, and you will know where you should hold it to see better strategy and not too many. But at the same time to have strategies into the collection because it is better to have strategies into the collection. And after that to filter them rather than having no strategy.

5. “The top Expert Advisors that I selected are not opening on a separate demo account. Why is that?”

The first thing is probably you didn’t press the Auto Trading in the second account:


Bitcoin algorithmic trading
Auto Trading should be green


Or there is something with your broker, or you’re not connected with the server. So maybe you are not connected to the Internet, recheck everything. If the Expert Advisors opened trades in one account, there is no reason in the Expert Advisors that they wouldn’t open trades in the other account. There is something that you have missed. So what are the reasons:

Why my Expert Advisors from this Bitcoin algorithmic trading course do not open trades?

  • auto-trading button is not enabled so make sure it is green
  • not connected to the broker’s server, check it in the right corner down
  • the broker does not allow algo trading, you can ask their support
  • the entry conditions are not there yet, give it some time to start trading

Just keep something in mind guys. The Expert Advisors have nothing to do with the type of account. It is essential the Bitcoin algorithmic trading to be allowed from the broker. From there is it a demo account, is it the first demo account, is it the second demo account, is it a live account? What is it – doesn’t matter. The Expert Advisor is a code. It works where you place it. So if you don’t see trades opening give it some time. Recheck everything, and probably they will open after that if you have done everything precisely.

6. “Why do I get some duplicated trades with the EAs from the Bitcoin algorithmic trading course?”

Now, you can get duplicated trades if you have placed the same Expert Advisor on different charts. Then when the entry condition is there, it will open two or three orders depending on how many charts you have placed it. The other thing that is possible you have set the MetaTrader on a VPS, and you have placed it on your laptop or computer. And if the Аuto trading is ON the robot will work on both places, and the Expert Advisor will open trades in both places. But it’s in the same account, okay? And I think there is no other reason to say that you will have duplicated trades.

The Expert Advisors I provide monthly are different from each other. So it’s one of the two things that you have missed.

7. “The first entry I got from the EA was a sell, how is it possible?”

Now, this is a fundamental question. Of course, it’s not a silly question. Everybody can ask any questions in trading. Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions.

Now, we can sell Bitcoin before having a buy just because this is CFD trading which stands for a contract for difference. We don’t buy actual Bitcoin. We don’t sell real Bitcoin. We have an account for example with $1,000. So with this money, we can sell, and we can buy it. Even in this Bitcoin algorithmic trading course, we still use CFD trading.

So we don’t buy the Bitcoin same as with the gold, with the oil, with the Forex currencies. We don’t buy them. We make a contract for a difference of the price with the broker that if I sell at one price and the price goes down, and I close the order I will benefit this difference. If the price goes against me, the broker will benefit the difference. Аnd I will lose. So we are trading on the difference in the price. That’s why we can sell, and we can buy without having Bitcoins or without having any previous orders. I hope it’s clear.

8. “Is it possible to use these robots on crypto exchanges?”

These Expert Advisors that I provide in this Bitcoin algorithmic trading course are designed for the MetaTrader platform. So if you are able to connect your exchange with MetaTrader, you will be able to execute trades there. But one more time the Expert Advisors provided in this course are for the MetaTrader platform.

9. “How do you put the Bitcoin chart?”

Another basic question. On the left side of your MetaTrader, you see the market watch. There are all the instruments if you don’t see the Bitcoin what you need to do. You need to right-click over it, and there is show all. Which will show you all the assets you have with your broker. If you still don’t see the Bitcoin, it means that the broker you have selected does not provide the Bitcoin. If you see the Bitcoin, then you right-click over it and go to chart-window, and it will open the new chat window for the Bitcoin.

10. “Are the updated Expert Advisors every month the same with different Stop Loss and Take Profit, or they are new Expert Advisors?”

In this Bitcoin Algorithmic Trading course, I provide new 99 Expert Advisors every new month. This way, you have tremendous possibilities. So you can build up a vast portfolio if you have the opportunity to place every month the new Expert Advisors in different MetaTrader accounts. You will be able to test many Expert Advisors, and you will have a vast choice of Expert Advisors to choose from. And this way you have bigger chances to have in a live account the best Expert Advisors.

Alright? Especially if you see that Expert Advisor benefits for a couple of months. This is great if it does, don’t touch it. If an Expert Advisor makes you profit consistently don’t move it, don’t change it with the new ones. Keep it until you see profits. So yes the Expert Advisors that I provide for this course every month are fresh and the old ones it’s up to you what you will do with them. You can save them and see after time if you can use some of those. But I’ll suggest you if you have the chance to place a couple of months at least indifferent MetaTrader and see if you can get out of them the best ones to put in a live account.

Alright, guys? Thank you very much for reading this were the ten frequently asked questions that I receive for the Bitcoin Algorithmic Trading course.

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